FoodTech Startup of the Week: Kiwi Campus, the New Way of Doing Food Delivery

FoodTech Startup of the Week: Kiwi Campus, the New Way of Doing Food Delivery

10-Jan-2017 by Gianmarco Fratangeli

Food delivery has been one of the possibly more abused markets in the last years with hundreds of startups arising all across the globe. The market peaked in 2015 with tens of multi million (even billion) deals taking place, fuelled by companies such as Deliveroo, Just Eat and Delivery Hero.

No surprise, investors got tired pretty fast. We at Startupbootcamp FoodTech received tens of delivery applications from every corner of the globe. Yet only one really managed to grab our attention: Kiwi Campus.

Founded by 3 Colombian students with huge growth hacking talent, Kiwi Campus is just more than a delivery platform. It is a community driven business model that targets one of the most interesting global markets: college students. Traction generated by this team is massive, with 7 campuses already served (6 in Latin America and 1 in the US: UC Berkeley), over 600 deals/day and 40k registered users.

We met Sergio Pachon, COO of Kiwi Campus, to better understand the strengths of their business model.

G: “When did you start working at the idea?”

In 2015 we created an order-whatever-you-want app, operating in Bogotà. We started getting feedbacks from our customers and we decided to focus our service, narrowing it down to only universities and delivering just food & beverage. We considered as well a terrible experience we had while ordering food from our university campus, which gave us the hint of exploiting this niche market and creating Kiwi Campus.




G: ”What is the problem Kiwi Campus is solving and how?”

Since we started our academic career, we noticed that campus restaurants were always crowded and that most of the students didn’t have a proper lunch in college, due to a lack of time. We figured out that some students had a pressing need to save time on minor tasks and spend it on their studies instead. On the other hand, other students were highly motivated to make extra money during school, but in a flexible way. We also noticed a common desire of being part of a community.

So, we thought of creating a platform with the mission of offering the students better food, as an alternative to the junk food commonly served in the campuses. On top of that, we decided to create a community, through an efficient and innovative delivery food app. We actively involved students in our model, letting them becoming ambassadors of our service and rewarding them for being part of it. Joining a community of students and easily earning money and discounts are the two main strenghts of Kiwi Campus, which simultaneously provides a great solution for having a tasty and convenient lunch or a small snack.

G: “January is one of the most important periods for you because of the beginning of the new semester. What’s your strategy now?”

We spent the last month on improving all the processes and the product itself, in order to scale and start to grow faster. Our short term plan is to open in other universities in the US like Stanford University and to start operating in Europe, starting from Rome.

Right now, we are looking for new students to be part of the 700+ kiwers community in 3 different countries and 7 Universities (Andes, Javeriana, Nacional and EAFIT in Colombia, UDEC and UC in Chile and UC Berkeley in The US). We offer kiwers the opportunity to improve their professional and social skills, earn money in a flexible way and most importantly being part of the Kiwi’s international family.

G: “How do you expect to arrive at Demo Day?”

These two months before Demo day are gonna be really intense. We have a lot of work to do. We have to refine many details, aiming at improving our numbers and growing more than 50% monthly.

G: “What’s your main goal for 2017?”

We want to close this year with 500.000 users, more than 50 universities and more than 4000 students working with us as kiwers.

To reach this goal we have to build a really good product. We are now releasing a new version of the app and we are also developing the web platform. In terms of scaling, we are gonna launch in new universities in The US and Latam. Of course, starting to operate in Europe is also on our roadmap and the first city will be Rome.

Interested in our Demo Day? Drop us an e-mail at to get an invitation.

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