FoodTech Startup of The Week: FruitsApp, Where Producers and Buyers Get Together

FoodTech Startup of The Week: FruitsApp, Where Producers and Buyers Get Together

31-Jan-2017 by Gianmarco Fratangeli

While technology is revolutionizing the food world, it didn’t give yet a twist to the fruits and vegetables trades.

The way of communicating in this sector is obsolete and has been still for decades. There is a need of integration of actors within the supply chain, innovating a +30B/year market just considering Italy and Spain (Eurostat).

But, today the solution is called FruitsApp, and it is part of our Startupbootcamp FoodTech cohort. This startup has the ambitious mission of building a platform finally making the fruit & vegetable sector digital, giving the chance of closing a deal with one click only. [CLICK TO TWEET!]

We interviewed Carlos Iborra, founder of FruitsApp, that will soon leave to attend Fruit Logistica, the biggest exhibition worldwide for the fruits and vegetables industry.

G: “When did you start working at the idea?”

After many years working for the biggest multinationals of the F&V sector as an import-export professional, I realized that I was closing deals in a very inefficient way. Talking and dealing with sellers and buyers one by one was way too stressful and brought me to an unexpected hair loss… and I was still too young for that! So, I started thinking to exploit the technology available nowadays, creating a tool to streamline the process for all the actors of the chain. We then started working on the prototype that has evolved into an amazing tool, FruitsApp.


G: ”What is the problem FruitsApp is solving and how?”

FruitsApp is an intelligent tool that makes connections between companies of the sector, depending on their interests. We help the companies to find the right demand or offer for them, so they can streamline their trading operations and save time, resources and money. With FrutsApp, they can see the prices of the market in real time, avoiding mistakes in their trading decisions. They can also arrange their transports with just one click and expand their business, thanks to the integration of logistics inside our platform.

G: “In few days you’ll attend Fruit Logistica 2017 in Berlin. How do you feel about it?”

We are really excited to attend Fruit Logistica to showcase our service to the best companies of the sector in the world. Many companies already contacted us to set a meeting in Fruit Logistica, looking very interested in using our platform for their daily trading procedures. We are aware that is a huge opportunity for us and we will make the best out of it, to prove that FruitsApp can disrupt the way of making business in the Fresh Produce Industry.

G: “How do you expect to arrive at Demo Day?”

Our evolution and growth is going really fast, much more than we expected. In only one month of Beta Version, more than 150 Top companies of the sector started using it for their daily trading operations. If this rate continues, we will have on board more than 300 companies by Demo Day on March 10.

G: “What’s your main goal for 2017?”

We want to become the main trading platform for the Fruit&Veg sector.We expect to develop mainly in the Italian and Spanish market during this first year, but the tool is already operating globally. A lot of people from all over the world are contacting us to support the platform from their countries, so we will be able to cover the global market in less time than expected. [CLICK TO TWEET!]

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