Best of January: IoT & Data Tech Barcelona

Best of January: IoT & Data Tech Barcelona

30-Jan-2017 by Amy McCready

We’ve made it. We’re finally at the end of January. Many of us dread this time of year and are ecstatic to see it’s end, but here at Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Tech, we have been too busy to grovel! Our teams have enjoyed this month and all it had to offer. So, to prove the post-holidays period isn’t always miserable, we’ve handpicked our favourites from January. Enjoy!

Favourite Event(s)

Our first event pick from January was a true celebration of women in tech. Last weekend at Lady Problems Hackathon, held at Ironhack Barcelona, attendees were invited to discuss the lack of female entrepreneurship in technology, a topic we at SBC IoT & Data Tech find very relevant.

IMG_5515 (1)

Not only was there rich discussion and debate, but competition also, as 7 teams competed with their female-driven projects. The challenge was to create a mobile or web application to promote women’s health and self-esteem, that raises awareness for products and solutions that can support women’s sexual health as they age.

After deliberation from an all-female judging panel, the grand prize went to EmilyApp, a platform that promotes sexual health as a normal part of health care, encouraging women of all ages to openly discuss and manage sexual health. They won a place on AngelHack’s first-ever social good accelerator, a 12-week mentorship and acceleration program. EmilyApp’s Corina Vladut loved the experience:

“It was great seeing many women taking lead on projects, and people trying to help other women. Not to mention the fact that the jury was amazing and truly inspiring! I would urge anyone who has even just an idea to go and try out this kind of experience! Believe in yourself and you can do wonders!”
emily app
Our 2nd event pick has to go to our MBA Challenge, where 40 MBA students from top business schools, ESADE & IESE,  helped our startups solve real and relevant challenges.  Some examples: go to market strategy, pricing, product offering, identifying target customer segments and more.
At the end of the weekend, the students presented their recommendations and received feedback from the startups. After adding scores from both days, Frizbit were named ‘Best overall’, the ‘Best Paid & Hired team’ went to VR startup Galigu & the ‘Best Pitch’ went to Combine [Previously Octobank].
Big thanks to our MBA students & Gregoire de Hemptinne for such a successful event!


Favourite Blogpost(s)

This month we have been busy interviewing our mentors & experts and featuring them on the global blog. If you missed any of these insightful looks into the world of Iot & Data Tech, don’t fret! Here you have all 4 distinct pieces published this month. Don’t say we’re not good to you.

Online Recruitment & The Depletion of Traditional Education

Featuring startup Workkola, Ironhack Barcelona’s Marc Collado and mentors Hugo Immink & David Monreal, this piece explores the future of education & the difficulties facing young people within the digital marketplace.

“Traditional Education is dying. Curriculums are outdated and degrees don’t entitle you to a job after your studies. We must influence new generations to embrace digitisation and open themselves up to work in a digital environment. However, the digital job market is a minefield, making recruitment painstakingly difficult for both companies and young people.”

Making money takes effort. Saving money doesn’t.

By Program Director Richard Lagrand & Energy Management focused startup, Deployeth. They take a look at the potential cost savings within the restaurant industry, and present very surprising statistics.

“In an average restaurant, the energy bill is about a quarter of the total cost structure of running a restaurant. It’s one of the biggest expenses after food, the building itself and the personnel to run it.”

A safer & faster way to send files, without the cloud?

A look at the Cloud and the future of file transfering with entrepreneur Pol Hortal & Takeafile.

The cloud. Some people are afraid of it. Some people love it. Some don’t even know what it is. One thing that is certain though, today, the majority of our online tools are in the cloud. Many of us have overlooked the radical change from using pre-installed computer programs to cloud based software over the past decade, but it has been one huge advancement. However, now some users want to retain the advantages of the cloud and omit its disadvantages…”

Antivirus is not enough. Everyone is at risk of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity expert Carlos Valderrama & Internet Protection solution UPPERSAFE got together to have a chat about the importance of having a secure connection on-line.

“Back in the days of the good old dial-up connection, most people had one PC that could easily be hacked for personal data, or for an attack on some server. Now we are living in a multi-connected world, most of us owning several devices with connection to the internet, like security cameras or even coffee machines. This, however means we are also still at a high risk of hackings.”

Happy reading! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for some more content on the SBC blog! We have plenty to write about.

Favourite Tweet

The winner of best tweet this month goes to Jackie Stokes, an experienced hacker & the Global Director of Intel Security’s Foundstone.

We’ve all experienced an unexpected Windows update at some point or other. Just perhaps not as unexpected as this…
jackie stokes tweet

Favourite Trip

A couple of weeks ago our teams took a visit to Pier 01 & received a grand tour of the awesome offices available. Perhaps when the program ends our startups will move here – I don’t think we’d complain about this working environment either… check out the views!


There are worst places to work! We love you, Barcelona.

See you in February for Demoday!

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