Smart City & Living FastTrack Tour 2017 – join the experience!

Smart City & Living FastTrack Tour 2017 – join the experience!

05-Dec-2016 by Jasmijn van Diest

Every year, the Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living team travels the world with a mission: to meet the best entrepreneurs, share their best knowledge, as well as give them a mini experience of the industry-focused accelerator program based in Amsterdam. This time, as a part of our international FastTrack tour, we will visit 13 of the most exciting Smart City & Living cities! In each city, we’ll host an event called FastTrack. We might be coming to a city near you– just read on to reveal our interactive FastTrack map!

First things first – what is a FastTrack?

A FastTrack is an informal event where the 10 most promising startups present their innovative ideas to the Startupbootcamp team and fellow entrepreneurs. In addition, they get personalized mentor feedback and learn more about our Smart City & Living accelerator program. The experience you get from attending the event is very valuable for both your startup and network.

We are also hosting 2 virtual events called Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Connect. While the structure of the event is the same as the structure of a FastTrack, everything happens online, so you don’t have to leave your office to meet our team.

Does your startup fit one of our Smart City & Living verticals? If yes, we invite you to join one of our FastTracks or Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Connect.

So, who am I going to meet then?

Driven. Enthusiastic. Spontaneous. Edwin de Zeeuw is your man! As co-founder of Startupbootcamp he will lead the 2017 Smart City & Living FastTracks and Connects. Edwin’s professional life always centered around empowering, facilitating and connecting people. His newest mission is to scout only the best startups for the 2017 Smart City & Living program!

With this mission being clear, Edwin will travel to all 13 cities and share his experience and knowledge with you. If you’re are visiting one of our FastTracks, you will meet Edwin and will get his personal feedback on your business idea.

The FastTrack tour map

We are visiting 13 cities and hosting 2 online events. Click on the desired destination on the interactive map below to get redirected to the event page:

I want to apply!

Good! If you want to join the FastTrack in one of these cities or for Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Connect, please apply here.

If you have any questions about any of the information above, you can always email us. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your startup!

Jasmijn is an artificial redhead, photographer and digital content creator at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.