E-commerce Startup of the Week: How Shelf Sailor Is Digitizing The Self-Storage Industry

E-commerce Startup of the Week: How Shelf Sailor Is Digitizing The Self-Storage Industry

16-Dec-2016 by Natalia Sakmarova

The self-storage industry is booming. A lot of people seek storage space because of life changes such as moving to a different location, and many companies out there try to seize this opportunity and provide storage solutions for the consumers. Although the self-storage industry has a certain maturity in the US and in the UK, in Europe it still remains old-fashioned.

Startup Shelf Sailor from our E-commerce 2016 class wants to digitize the self-storage industry with their innovative concept. This team from Germany created a 2-sided marketplace that connects people who have unused space in their houses like attic, basement or garage, to people who are looking to rent out storage space. We had a chat with the Shelf Sailor team – scroll down for the video!

How exactly does Shelf Sailor work?

If you have extra storage space in your house, you can create a page on our platform by providing a short description, measurements, picture, and other details. You also choose your own price per square meter. It takes our customers just 3-4 minutes to list their space on our website.

We take care of the payment process as well as provide additional services like insurance. Not many online transactions are happening in the self-storage industry, so Shelf Sailor is one of the innovators there.

What are your accelerator experiences so far?

The first four weeks at Startupbootcamp were very intense. We have received a lot of input from the workshops and mentor sessions, so it was a lot of information to process. The hardest part was actually executing because we were very limited in free time in the beginning. Now, as we are in the middle of the program, a number of workshops has reduced, so we are full force into execution mode. We try to incorporate all the valuable feedback gathered from the mentors into our business model.

It is going really fast and that is what we enjoy! We see a lot of different on-boarding processes on our platform which would not happen at that speed if we would not have been at Startupbootcamp.

What do you expect from Demo Day?

Of course, Demo Day is very important for us. We have to work hard on our presentation to be attractive for the 400+ guests that will be there. We are excited and thrilled to present them our development over the last 3 months.

Want to know more about Shelf Sailor? Check out their website.

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