We have our final 10! IoT & Data Tech Barcelona

We have our final 10! IoT & Data Tech Barcelona

09-Nov-2016 by Amy McCready

What an intense few days!

17 finalists, 11 countries, 60+ well-informed mentors and 2 full-on days of presenting the most disruptive technologies we’ve discovered over the past few months. Also, of course, plenty of intense meetings, coach training, deliberation, new opportunities, good food, a few beers, gallons of coffee and all the nerves in the world when announcing the final 10 who will join our program in Barcelona.

Startupbootcamp IoT & Data Tech‘s Selection Days has been an exhilarating experience, especially after a 4 month process of scouting over 850 startups, receiving over 225 applications from more than 30 different countries, having over 300 skype calls with passionate founders, visiting several European startup events like Pirate Summit, South Summit, Tech BBQ & IoT conference and hosting FastTracks and Office hours in 11 different countries in cities like Melbourne, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö, Tel Aviv, Kiev, Moscow, Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca, Manchester, Bucharest and Sofia.

It was a lot of work and the effort was worth it, as we are delighted to finally reveal our 10 selected startups joining our 2016/17 program!

The 10 selected startups of SBC IoT & Data Tech:


Stefan Tabaranu, CEO of AIris Vision (Romania):
“Our product is an evolutionary Artificial Intelligence computing vision engine.”

Ofir Hazan, CEO of Galigu (Israel):
We are an intuitive search engine for VR in the VR space, providing users with the best organic and sponsored VR content.”

Irakli Agladze, CEO of Octobank (Russia):
We’re the Google Now for personal banking.”
Marek Ostafil, COO of Cyberus Labs (Poland):
We provide solutions in the field of cyber security. Our goal is to eliminate the source of all cyber threats.” 

Mihai Raneti, CEO of CyberSwarm – Formerly CyberFog (Romania):
CyberSwarm offers the technology which defends organisations against cyberattacks. Our solution combines both hardware, software and machine learning.”

Pulkit Agrawal, CEO of Trell (India)
“We offer a fresh experience for millennials to discover and share about cool hangout spots, street food stalls, shopping destinations, street art walls, stargazing points, trekking spots etc in a crisp visual format!”

Nicolas Thibault, Founder of UPPERSAFE (Previously NoLimit VPN) (France):
“We’re developing a proactive protection solution to help individuals and small businesses to secure their IT environment and to avoid the piracy of their data on the Internet.”

Ata Gür, Co-founder of Frizbit (Turkey):
“Frizbit is a marketing automation tool using browser push notifications. By using Frizbit, websites can send the right message, to the right customer at the right time.” 

Hector Montaner, CEO of Takeafile (Spain):
Takeafile is a service for transferring files similar to Wetransfer, but instead of storing your file in a server, it goes directly from your computer to the receiver’s computer. We provide maximum speed and confidentiality, and no size limitation.”

Alvaro Mancilla Moreno, CEO of Workkola (Spain):
“Workkola is a review-driven marketplace that connects students to startups for online collaboration, portfolio, talent branding and recruiting.”

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For the first time in what we think is Startupbootcamp history, we set up a conference room for a remote mentoring session with India-based startup Trell, who had issues with arranging their visas in time for Selection Days.

Pulkit Agrawal, CEO of Trell said: “Selection Days were incredible as we got to talk to a lot of mentors to have their insight on our product and vision. We are grateful to Startupbootcamp for making the remote collaboration possible for Trell to attend all the sessions from India (which I think is first time in history!)”

Despite the 17 startups showing tremendous potential, not all could be selected for the acceleration program. Savvas Neophytou of Torafugu Tech, one of the attending startups that just missed out on a place in the program, is still very pleased he got to take part in the event.

“The mentors were excellent, we made some great contacts and some great insight was offered by some. Also, big thanks to the broader team who made our time there fabulously comfortable and efficient. Maybe we will be in better shape for the next time.”

Ofir Hazan, the CEO of our Israeli startup Galigu, told us why he opted for an accelerator in Barcelona instead of his hometown of Tel Aviv.

“The startup scene in Israel is great, especially in Tel Aviv but we wanted to come to Barcelona as Startupbootcamp is representing in the global Mobile World Congress, that was a huge motivation for us.” He added, “Europe is much more relevant for us, to fit our product market.”

Hector Montaner of Takeafile is proud to have had the opportunity to converse with industry experts, “Selection Days has been a very intensive and enriching event. It is a unique chance to sit at a table with notable mentors and get valuable feedback.

“It is not about competition, it is about better understanding our business through meaningful conversations, definitely a worthy experience.”

Program Director Richard Lagrand said, “It is wonderful to see how only a few intense hours of mentoring can improve the pitches of the startups. In a matter of hours we were able to get down to the pure essence of their value proposition which clearly improves the pitch as well. This especially counts for the more early stage startups.”
On the 28th of this month, the excited and presumably anxious selected startups will begin the intensive accelerator program. This is when the hard work will really begin for the startups and mentors.

Richard predicts the next 3 months will be full-on and exhausting, but that our startups are more than capable of handling it:

Trying to achieve a lot in only 3 months requires a lot, and a lot of hard work. This is only possible with an exceptional amount of motivation to work day and night, trying to reach goals and hitting metrics sustaining week over week growth and running short validation iterations. I think we have 10 amazing teams that have the stamina to pull it off.”

Harry Wilson of Claro Partners summed up the two days particularly eloquently: “the quality of teams and event was really high and all round perfect!”

We can’t knock that feedback!

Expect a lot more to come from Startupbootcamp IoT and Data.

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