E-commerce Startup of the Week: How Salestack brings fun to the sales industry

E-commerce Startup of the Week: How Salestack brings fun to the sales industry

28-Nov-2016 by Natalia Sakmarova

Sales industry has changed a lot since its early days. With the digital transformation and the increasing popularity of such movement as growth hacking, it has evolved from very traditional and time-consuming to inventive and resourceful.

Salestack from our E-commerce 2016 class decided to combine the new tools in sales into one solution to make the selling process easy and fast and bring fun into it. We had a chat with the energetic team of 4 – scroll down for the video!

How exactly does Salestack work?

We use a mix of machine learning and human intelligence to connect you to your ideal customers.

If you are one of our clients, we ask you to describe your ideal customer to us. Then, we transform your description into data points that help us find the best possible leads for your product. We make the first introduction through an automated email and provide you with engagement tools to warm up those leads. And that is it – you are ready to jump on the fun part of sales!

With Salestack, we want to make sales enjoyable for everyone and get rid of cold calling forever.


Who are you targeting?

At the moment we are targeting B2B startups that have at least 5-10 team members with 1-3 of them focussing on sales.

What are your Startupbootcamp accelerator experiences so far?

First weeks of Startupbootcamp have been fantastic. We have got so much input not only from the Startupbootcamp team but also from the mentors. In the beginning of the program, we have been a little insecure about our product. At this moment, with so many professionals being by our side and saying that our startup has a very promising product, we feel as if we are getting back on the right track.

The name of the accelerator definitely suits it very well. Indeed, it is a true bootcamp for startups.

What do you want to achieve by the end of the program?

When we have started the program, we assumed we don’t need any funding. Now, we need to decide whether we want to use the product we have now and get more traction or, instead, raise funding and build the next generation rocketship. This is still something we are evaluating on right now. We have to figure this out by Demo Day!

Want to know more about Salestack? Check their website.

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