E-commerce Startup of the Week: How immidi improves communication between brands and their clients

E-commerce Startup of the Week: How immidi improves communication between brands and their clients

18-Nov-2016 by Natalia Sakmarova

In B2B companies, account managers put a lot of time and effort into maintaining the relationships between the brand and its clients. As middlemen, they pass the information from the brand to the client, back and forth, through several channels like email, whatsapp and phone calls. While B2C companies use new technologies to be more productive in their communication, B2B brands fall behind.

Startup immidi from our E-commerce 2016 class has created a solution for this problem. The team has developed a marketing platform that helps account managers maintain the client communication process and make it efficient. We had a chat with immidi – scroll down for the video!

How exactly does immidi work?

Our product is an app that provides a one-way information stream from the brand to the client. The news feed sends notifications to the clients about updates, deals, events and newly launched products. The client can always reach out to the specific department that is responsible for a certain update by using existing channels such as WhatsApp. In the future, we want to make the communication two-way so that both parties can communicate in the context of the app.

What we are trying to do is to make it a lot easier for account managers to do their job but not to replace human interaction. Some people call immidi a sales representative in your pocket!

What kind of brands are you working with?

At this moment, we focus on beauty companies that provide professional products for beauty professionals such as l’Oreal and companies that provide food & beverages.

What are your experiences at Startupbootcamp so far?

Joining Startupbootcamp has made us realize that we’ve been a bit naive thinking that we have developed a product so now it is ready to scale up. We have changed our approach and now we are looking for partnerships that can help us experiment with pilots.

Is there 1 goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the program?

We have several goals that we would like to reach by the end of the program, but the main one is that we want to sign pilot customers before the end of the program. At this moment, we also plan to start an investment round via Leapfunder. We would love to close that round before Demo Day.

Want to more about immidi and make sure you don’t miss their investment round? Check their website.

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