E-commerce Startup of the Week: How Cymbra empowers supermarket managers to create customer experiences

E-commerce Startup of the Week: How Cymbra empowers supermarket managers to create customer experiences

02-Nov-2016 by Natalia Sakmarova

Supermarket managers have to be constantly in the store available for customers, but they also need to monitor day-to-day operations. That is not only time consuming but also can be very stressful. Startup Cymbra from our E-commerce 2016 accelerator cohort helps supermarket managers to have a more relaxed life. With the help of the latest technology, they have developed a smart and easy-to-implement product that helps increase customer satisfaction and efficiency in stores.

We sat down to have a chat with Ronald and Freerk, co-founders of Cymbra, to talk about their idea and vision – scroll down for the video!

How exactly does Cymbra work?

Cymbra provides constant real-time insights into day-to-day operations for supermarket managers. It is a sort of nerve system that uses sensors and triggers located all around the store which makes it very easy for employees to sign off tasks with an electronic key. The manager does not have to look into a specific area to check if the task is done; this can be done electronically with the help of a dashboard. Simply put: employees sign off the checklist and the manager receives the results.

What place does Cymbra take in the retail industry of today?

For a couple of years already, everyone is talking about bringing more customer experiences to the stores. Some of the food retailers try to do it with aesthetic improvements such as lighting and music.

We saw that there was hardly any proper IT operated in stores. We realized that by adding it and combining online information with offline experiences, retailers could increase efficiency, create customer experiences and differentiate themselves from traditional stores. That is where the idea has come from. Cymbra can help retailers find the time to create experiences not only by having a nice looking store but by providing personal customer support.

One of our goals is creating a self-driven store but in terms of logistics, not the customer process. In the near future, a lot of information will be used by technology to decrease the amount of work that employees have to do to maintain the store. Therefore, we think there will be a reduction in the amount of operational work and an increase in time spent on creating customer experiences.

What would you like to achieve by the end of the accelerator program?

We have several goals that we are focussing on right now. By the end of the program, we want to find product market fit, run pilots in 15 stores and have at least 1 signed contract as well as a customer rating 8 out of 10.

Want to find out more about Cymbra? Visit their website.

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Natalia Sakmarova

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