Announcing The 20 Top Global Startups Invited At Startupbootcamp FoodTech Selection Days

Announcing The 20 Top Global Startups Invited At Startupbootcamp FoodTech Selection Days

SBC FoodTech SD Invited Startups
17-Oct-2016 by Gianmarco Fratangeli

All 20 teams will meet in Rome on October 20-22 to experience an intense 3-days event engaging 80+ highly-qualified mentors, investors and corporate partners. On Saturday, Startupbootcamp FoodTech will announce the 10 teams which will be admitted to the acceleration program starting on November 21.

The event will showcase startups operating in 10 distinct food industries, from precision farming to delivery, from waste management to smart retail. A total of 13 countries will be represented, from Indonesia to UK, from Colombia to Germany. All 20 startups have one unique goal: to become the next global foodtech startup to watch!

Here the full list:


Agrologies Location: Athens, Greece
Description: Agrologies has developed an automation irrigation platform which combines an IoT device, a cloud service and a mobile app enabling farmers to plan the watering of the crop depending on weather conditions and other data.

BiteBack Insect Oil

BiteBack Insect Oil Location: Malang, Indonesia
Description: With an innovative industrial process capable of producing cooking oil out of beetle cultures at affordable prices, Biteback is tackling one of the worst plagues affecting Indonesia: palm oil overproduction.

Buzzer Feedback

buzzer Location: London, UK
Description: How can restaurants drive positive online reviews and intercept negative reviews at source? Buzzer Feedback allows exactly that – rewarding customers for on-location feedback.


elaisian logo 1 Location: Rome, Italy
Description: No business in the world has such a long term proposition as olive oil farming. This is changing with Elaisian which is bringing real time IOT monitoring to olive trees in order to increase yields and reduce maintenance costs.


Evja Location: Napoli, Italy
Description: Winner of international prizes, this precision farming platform has developed OPI, a revolutionary SSD (Decision Support System) designed to make more efficient pruning, irrigation and plantation management in the multibillion industries of wine and greenhouse production.


farmdrones Location: Goeteborg, Sweden
Description: Providing up to date actionable field information to the farmers, Farmdrones is focusing on supporting open field operations by feeding farmers with information they can act on and not just data that they don’t understand.


 foodnest Location: Berlin, Germany
Description: With a smart camera IoT in your fridge, Foodnest will help you manage your digital food inventory, along with shopping list generation through machine learning, and smart food replenishment.


04_Final Logo_green+black Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Description: Foodresq provides smart sensors bundled into a single IoT device that can notify you of any need or hazard occurring in your fridge, while data analysis will help you avoid unnecessary waste and save money. All from your mobile app.


Location: Valencia, Spain
Description: The fruits and vegetable market is still affected by huge inefficiencies occurring between producers and wholesalers. FruitsApp is developing a marketplace to tackle exactly such inefficiencies.


InSymbio Location: Salerno, Italy
Description: Millions of tons of food waste go unused every year because there is no functional market where large farmers and producers can trade with industrial buyers. InSymbio has a platform to create exactly that market.

Kiwi Campus

 Kiwi Location: Bogota, Colombia
Description: With a game-changing model focused on university campuses, Kiwi Campus is transforming the food delivery industry with a service now present in 8 campuses in the americas: 4 in Chile, 2 in Colombia and 1 in the USA (Berkeley University).

Krave On

 kraveon Location: Delhi, India
Description: Ever heard of dynamic pricing for restaurant sales? Well, Krave On is a crowd-pricing platform enabling foodies to pay less and restaurants to market themselves better, reduce costs and save inventory by driving revenue on days when there is less crowd.

Milis Bio

milis Location: Cork, Ireland
Description: MilisBio wants to make our relationship with flavour a little less bittersweet, developing protein-based flavour additives for the food and beverage market.


 Logo Neofarms Location: Hannover, Germany
Description: Introducing households to the revolution of aeroponics, Neofarms is developing the true alternative to gardening and vegetable shopping. Cheaper, easier and fits in your kitchen.

Phytoponics CIC

Phytoponics Location: Cardiff, UK
Description: With a smart design slashing hydroponic system costs, Phytoponics is ready to boost hydroponic agriculture to dominance globally.

Recycle It

Pan_Biyoteknoloji_logo-e1435795884719 Location: Ankara, Turkey
Description: How do you make efficient use of industrial food waste? Well, you need systems that can process it. RecycleIt has such a patented process to convert waste into livestock feed and biofuel.


Smart Berries Location: Warsaw, Poland
Description: Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants, but no one has an easy and reliable system to measure them outside a specialized lab. This is changing for all berries and drinks, including wine, thanks to Smart Berries which will deliver the data in minutes right on your mobile app.


TrakBar Location: Delaware, US
Description: The power of big data as a service for restaurants and bar keepers. Never run out of drinks during the next Champions match. Trakbar brings business intelligence to the SME hospitality industry.


Ucooki Location: Bologna, Italy
Description: Home cooking goes into business. Ucooki is a sharing economy platform that allows passionate cooks to prepare their own dishes to the people around them.


 Wallfarm Location: Rome, Italy
Description: Everyone wants to go vertical farming, but only Wallfarm has the control unit and software that will make it affordable and easy to maintain on any large scale implementation.


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