What is an InsurTech FastTrack?

What is an InsurTech FastTrack?

26-Aug-2016 by Kristin Bell

What is InsurTech?

InsurTech is not FinTech but has some similarities. InsurTech is an emerging market practice which aims to find advanced and emerging technologies and solutions targeted at solving customer, operational and business model problems within the insurance sector, meaning general insurance, life and pension insurance, healthcare insurance. Many great technology solutions have the potential to solve unorthodox problems in insurance. Many great entrepreneurs do not realize that they could target an underserved, $4 trillion market. We hope your business is one of these.

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What is a FastTrack?

FastTracks are a series of events we host all over the globe. They are an opportunity for the Startupbootcamp InsurTech team to meet and support the best talent in InsurTech and to connect startups with carefully, hand-picked expert mentors. Selected startups present their businesses and then receive several 20-minute sessions of one-on-one mentor feedback from our Startupbootcamp InsurTech team, our partners, and top industry experts.

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What is the Value of a FastTrack?

Startups who attend our FastTracks get to sit down with industry experts, mentors, and partners and receive valuable advice and feedback. The startups and influencers create connections and are able to remain in contact long after the event has ended. Startups also learn more about our accelerator program and are able to ask questions and see if it is a right fit for them.

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Kristin Bell

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