Shaping the future of finance – Meet Startupbootcamp FinTech London 2016 Cohort

Shaping the future of finance – Meet Startupbootcamp FinTech London 2016 Cohort

01-Aug-2016 by Triin Linamagi

After months of dedication and hard work we are proud to present the Startupbootcamp Fintech London 2016 cohort.

Over the past few months, we have researched almost 1,000 FinTech startups, visited financial centres across four continents and reviewed nearly 400 applications from 61 countries. Out of the 18 strong teams who attended our Selection Days from the 27th to 29th of July we have chosen the 9 very best FinTech startups to join our 2016 program.

It was an intense but amazing two days full of pitching, mentoring and networking.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you Startupbootcamp FinTech 2016 Cohort:


Enterprise Bot provide banks with a powerful AI-powered customer relationship tool to enhance customer experience. The multi platform messenger takes care of a wide range of customer needs and queries for call centers reducing costs by 85% and wait time by 90-95%.


EuropeOne is a Pan-European mobile bank offering easy bank account opening and financial transactions, multilingual interfaces and a unique and free remittance service to the millions of Europeans working in a different country than their own.


Kyolab solves the complex problem of mobile compliance for regulated institutions, with a core focus on monitoring and archival of instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp and WeChat. The solution allows clients to choose their preferred set of mobile messaging apps for business communication, while remaining compliant with regulation, avoiding substantial non-compliance fines.

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moBILLity helps consumers save money on their recurring bills effortlessly. Through connecting financial and non-financial data, moBILLity enables consumers to unlock significant savings on their bills through a chat based solution. The company is the first of its kind to use a profit-sharing approach with its users, in order to be fully impartial & neutral.

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Monuva is the all in one cash management platform for SME’s. The platform allows them to not only see and manage their multiple accounts in one single place but also gives them the tools to offer their own clients flexible ways to get paid in multiple countries and currencies. 


Penta is a bank for small businesses. It redefines SME banking by empowering businesses to do more through software, a fast online service and a great user experience. Penta a bank for small businesses



Trakti is a peer to peer (P2P) platform facilitating procurement, sourcing and sales with dynamic, personalized negotiations and contracts registered in the Blockchain.

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Zenith One gives financial advisors the technology they need to acquire, onboard and advise clients cheaply and efficiently, with state of the art user experience.


Zeroflows enables asset managers to access first hand information and hard to find liquidity in emerging and frontier stock markets.

What happens next?

In September, we formally kick off the program for the third time. The cohort will join us in London for three months of learning, mentoring and partnerships backed by leading financial giants such as MasterCard, Lloyds Banking Group, PwC, Rabobank, Intesa Sanpaolo, arvato Bertelsmann, Route66, MJ Hudson and Cognito PR. These partners provide their expertise, exposure channels, APIs and access to their network of industry professionals.

The startups will be taken through an intensive syllabus with hands on sessions with more than 400 mentors, entrepreneurs and investors culminating in December with our Demo Day where startups can present to the world the journey they have been on during the last few months.

With FinTech Programs in New York, Singapore and Amsterdam the startups will have access to support network in global FinTech hubs. Each team will also receive €15,000 and three months free office space at the Rainmaking Loft, London, the home of financial innovation.

We’d like to thank all our partners, mentors and startups who attended Startupbootcamp FinTech London 2016 Selection Days!
Congratulations to all selected teams! The journey will start on September 5th.

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