Have you got what it takes?

Have you got what it takes?

14-Jul-2016 by Startupbootcamp

Applications open for the IoT & DataTech program at Startupbootcamp Barcelona

On the 11th of July we opened up our applications for Internet of Things & DataTech program in Barcelona. During an intensive 3 month period we will help accelerate your startup with the devotion of 150+ mentors from all fields of expertise, workshops and the most impressive Demo Day of all at the world’s biggest event: the Mobile World Congress- 4YFN in Barcelona.

At the 4YFN startup event, which is part of Mobile World Congress, you will present your problem and solution to the world and a room jammed packed with investors to open up your chances for follow on funding.

We will fly  to different key cities to visit the startup ecosystems with our FastTrack program where we’ll meet startups face-to-face in cities such as Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Mälmo, Madrid, Sofia, and Warsaw. We’d love to hear about your startup.

So, what types of startups are we looking for exactly? We’re particularly interested in startups working on solutions related to data used for intelligence, so think of artificial intelligence, self-learning, machine-learning, deep learning, predictive analysis, big data analytics and so forth. Also it’s good to see what we are not: we are not looking for hardware related IoT startups, because for this we have a special program in London.

Who should apply?

Are you re-inventing the future with a startup in this field and want to become part of an accelerator to improve the chances for your startup? We are all about Data technologies (software oriented) in the following categories:


  • Behaviour patterns, business intelligence solutions, data-mining, data modelling.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Cognitive computing, deep learning, machine learning, neural networks, pattern/image/speech/text recognition software, predictive analysis.

Augmented & Virtual reality

  • Applied to B2B or B2C environments in the mentioned sectors & verticals.


  • Data transmission, synchronisation, virtualisation.


  • Analytics, cloud, clusters, distributed, fog, IoT, management, networking, platforms, security, storage.

Internet of Things

  • Compression, control, networking, software, platforms, protocols, remote access, power management.


  • Access control, encryption, identification, intrusion detection, storage, tracking.


  • Access control, backups, categorization, compression, extraction, software.

It’s these enabling technologies applied to one of the following sectors and verticals that have our particular interest:

  • Public sector & cities
  • Healthcare & life sciences
  • Transport, logistics & automotive
  • Environmental, renewables, waste processing
  • Home & garden
  • Industrial & manufacturing
  • Finance & insurance
  • Office & workspace
  • Oil & gas
  • Travel
  • Buildings & infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Personal productivity
  • Media & entertainment
  • Construction
  • Retail

So have you got the software that will improve the autopilot capabilities of the next self-driving car ? Or the next big solution in AR applied to healthcare for post-recovery programs ? Or working on a new algorithm that improves visual recognition of photos and contexts ? (Or just the latest AR Pokemon Go ?)

Want to meet us?

If your startup fits one of the segments described above, we would be happy to meet you at one of our FastTracks/Office Hours or Open Coffee sessions. Check our upcoming events here.


More than that, we will also stop by conferences in Cologne (Pirate Summit), Salamence (Startup Olé), Copenhagen (Tech BBQ), Hamburg (NEXT), Münich (Bits & Pretzels), Tel Aviv (DLD), and Madrid (South Summit), so email us here if you want to meet us there.

Do you want to apply for our accelerator? Applications opened on the 11th of July.

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Richard Lagrand,

SBC Alumni, CEO of Muzze & Program Director, Startupbootcamp IoT & DataTech


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