FinTech Startup of the Week: Supertext

FinTech Startup of the Week: Supertext

20-May-2016 by Kimmy Paulino

Supertext’s facebook wall is full of thank you’s from happy customers who have forgotten their batteries, shoutouts of free delivery surprises and service call offers in Bangalore.

The founders – Avinash, Matt & Sai are dubbed as a hard working bunch who decided to drop their good paying jobs and hustled their way to build their startup in a manner that “put German trains to shame” as one super friend observed here.

And since moving to Singapore a month ago to join the Startupbootcamp FinTech program, they have set their sights on making a mark in Lion City by launching a traveller edition of Supertext, chat bot on the go!

Let’s see what the men behind Supertext is up to:

1. What is Supertext about and what makes you different from other competitors in the market?

Supertext is a Conversational Commerce Platform, where consumers can have intelligent and engaging conversations with our Chatbots.

We call ourselves a design-tech startup, focusing heavily on building engaging conversation designs that combine the best of graphical UI elements and incorporating them seamlessly into an interactive chat interface to give consumers the best of both worlds. Our combined UI approach bridges the gap that exists with chatbots or GUI apps and makes the technology immediately applicable across industries.

2. Supertext is landing in Singapore (kapow!*#) Tell us what features is available for tourists in Singapore?

Travellers in Singapore, can expect an end to end intelligent travel guide that can help with all their travel needs, focusing on finding personalized offerings, to make their time in Singapore effortless and help make memories that they will never forget.

We will begin by helping consumers find restaurants, cafes, places of interest, events, things to do (art/culture/adventure), and city tours. Soon we will be adding bookings for hotels and tours and in version 2, we will add more services towards a full end to end travel Marketplace.

3. What is Supertext’s business model

We have a B2B customer support offering that enables brands and businesses to have conversations in real time with multiple consumers through automated chat that is driven by a licensing revenue model.

On the B2C side, we are focused on building an end to end travel market place through chat. We generate leads for brands and businesses by connecting business offerings with personalised needs, following a combination of cost per click revenue and big data analytics for OTA players.

4) What should we expect from Supertext in the next 3 months

We’re launching a closed beta (Invite only) by the end of May and look to add more services and features onto the app in increments. We will also have a fully automated Facebook bot in 3 months time.

5) What are the challenges you are facing now and how will you overcome this?

Our biggest challenge is to keep up with a fledgling space (conversational commerce) that is evolving at a breakneck speed.

We update ourselves almost twice a day, daily and focus on an the agile development process that revolves around user experience. Because at the end of the day, real facts from consumers give us considerable insight, that when combined with knowledge on the rapid innovation in this space, gives us a crucial edge to be ahead of the curve.

6) How do you compare the startup community in Bangalore and Singapore, what are the pros & cons?

Bangalore is probably growing much faster, although it may be relatively younger and less developed than the Singapore startup ecosystem.

The mean age of entrepreneurs is younger in Bangalore than in Singapore, combined with an accumulation of tech talent that drives Bangalore startups to focus on Innovation and technology.

The Singapore startup ecosystem is at a unique position to build offerings for the whole of Southeast Asia, supported by stronger links to the west. This enables startups to build a global brand. Whereas in Bangalore, startups are mostly India focused.

7) If a celebrity were to try out your product, who would you want it to be?

Emilia “Khaleesi” Clarke from Game of Thrones. #geekalert #GoT

The Mother Of Dragons could definitely use an intelligent travel buddy with all her expected travel plans from Essos to Westeros.

8) What is your advice to aspiring startup founders out there, looking for a break.

We didn’t wait for anyone’s approval or funding to start SuperText. We made mistakes and learned from them as quickly as we could and that just seems to be the biggest reason that we survived and grew so far.

So the only thing I’d like to say is, Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, there is no other way to learn or start anything.

If you are interested in trying Supertext, they are now training their bot to best help travellers discover everything about Singapore through chat.  Sign up to be amongst the first to get access to the fun travel bot.

Please note:

1) Supertext is still a cyborg trainee so please help with the training during the testing period!
2) Give lots and lots of feedback by emailing us here
3) Use it for practical purpose anytime between 12pm to 12am singapore time

Also tell your friends who are new to Singapore, to give this a shot!

Kimmy Paulino