Why You Should Apply To Startupbootcamp Fintech New York

Why You Should Apply To Startupbootcamp Fintech New York

29-Jan-2016 by Jesse Podell

Whether you think you’re too early or too far along, Fintech Startups of the world, here’s why you should apply to this spring program.  The worst thing to happen is free feedback.  The best is the trajectory of your early stage fintech venture changes forever.

We’re on a mission here.  It’s pretty simple, actually.  Our intention is to build the highest quality network in fintech globally.  With established hubs in London and Singapore, it has all come together with the launch of  New York.  We’ve got the team and partners to pull it off.

Our local team is a collective of men and women from different backgrounds working on this goal tirelessly!  We’re traveling the world telling this story.  We have events in Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, London and Toronto within seven days of each other.  No one else can pull this off or can gather community globally together this way.

Locally, we’re obsessed with founders and we treasure our mentors and partners.  We love fintech, and we love New York.  We left the helm of cash flow positive companies, or jobs at places like Columbia Business School and Goldman Sachs because we want to work together on this goal. Our team is completely invested in giving the startups in our program the best chance of success.

We’re interested in pretty much every problem in fintech. We couldn’t be more excited about the space and see incredible gains for the industry with every successful innovation.  And, in the words of one of our favorite VC’s, Arjan Schutte of Core Innovation Capital “If fintech isn’t for good, then what’s the point?”.

Let’s talk about you a bit below, as plainspeak as we can:

You’re committed.  We’re talking at least two full time founders here and you have a product-driven startup that is either in beta with some users or you’re pre-launch with some real code behind it.

You’re focused.  Your team is aggressive, learning every day, working harder than you’ve ever worked before and open to feedback.

You’re perserverent.  You are going to roll with the punches learn as much from your failures as your successes.

There’s a reason why you’re the person who should be doing this.

Chances are, if you fit into those four buckets, we’re going to want to meet you, ASAP.

If you’re excited about the prospect of collaborating with seven major industry players, access to the best network on the east coast, and want access to upwards of $500,000 of free services, this is the accelerator for you.  You’ll be working side by side with other teams from all over the world, each with unique perspectives and their own connections they’d like to share.

If You Really Want To Get Us Excited:

Your founding team is diverse and has more than just male founders.

You’re working on problems in compliance, regulatory, KYC, cybersecurity for finance, distributed ledgers, blockchain and bitcoin, student lending, big data analytics, solving problems for underserved or underbanked citizens or mobile money.

Apply here now, or see where you can meet us next:

February 2nd 2016: Toronto FastTrack

February 2nd 2016: London Office Hours

February 3rd 2016: Chicago FastTrack

February 5th 2016: Atlanta FastTrack

February 8th 2016: Austin FastTrack

February 10th 2016: New York FastTrack

Applications for the 2016 program are due midnight February 14th.

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