E-commerce #StartupOfTheWeek – Dashmote

E-commerce #StartupOfTheWeek – Dashmote

23-Dec-2015 by Startupbootcamp

It’s the Holiday Season! We can definitely feel the spirit of winter holidays and the upcoming new year. Although it is very quiet at our Amsterdam office, we know that the startups from our E-commerce program are still working hard to clear their busy schedules. Before the teams are off to take their well deserved rest, we found a minute to have a coffee with Dennis Tan and Matthaeus Schreder, co-founders of the Dutch startup Dashmote. The team is building a simple and intuitive image database to help companies, brands and freelancers find the best image to tell their story.

Tell us about your startup…

“In the world oversaturated by content it is very hard for companies and brands to catch the attention of the audience and tell them their story. Human brain processes visuals 60.000 times faster than text, so instead of telling a story, you can show it through an picture or design. For that, you need to find a perfect image among hundreds of providers and billions of images stored online. While looking, you realize that this task is incredibly difficult due to confusing licensing issues and subscription policies. This problem leads to many great stories and designs left unheard or unseen. Dashmote tries to fix all of that by bringing together the best image providers in one search database and by creating a one-stop solution for sourcing images.”

How did you come up with this idea?

“Most of Dashmote team members have a creative background, and all of us are in love with visuals. We often faced the challenge of finding the perfect image for our work, either for a website or promotional materials. The process of finding images was tedious with endless tabs opened and confusing licensing systems. Even Google images almost got us in trouble! That is when we decided that we must create a better and easier way to find and source great images.”

What problem are you trying to solve?

“In the amount of time you read the first part of this article, 500 images have been sold. However, the users who bought them either had to settle for an ‘okay’ image or had to go through a complex process to buy a perfect one. Dashmote wants to provide users with a simple and intuitive platform where they can forget about the hustle of searching for an image and, instead, focus on the message they want to send.”

What is the main challenge you are looking to overcome?

“We believe that a product needs to be intuitive and not create a wall of limitations for users. We want them to focus on what they are searching for, not how they do it. “Which provider should I use?”, “Which image has the best style for me?”, “How can I trick the search algorithm to understand what I want?” – all of these have to be questions of the past. Our challenge is that image users have learned to settle, either when it comes to the way they pay for images or to the way they search for them. We want to make them understand that they don’t need to work so hard to find the perfect image or get in trouble for using an unlicensed one. When we achieve this, we are halfway to success!”

Where do you see your startup in the future?

“In the short term period, we will host different types of image providers from stock databases to authentic, so that users are always able to find a style that suits them.

Moreover, stock images are not the only type of content that experiences the problem of fragmentation. We are developing the technology behind our product in such a way that will allow us to expand to other verticles.”

What is your most memorable experience from Startupbootcamp?

“One of the most memorable moments we had in the past 2 months was when Stephen Gold, the CMO of the IBM Watson Group visited Startupbootcamp. We had an amazing opportunity to present and demo Dashmote to him.”

What are the key milestones you’ve reached during the program?

“Since the beginning of the program, our team grew from 6 people to 11, and became a well oiled machine. Also, we have kickstarted our validation and managed to obtain our first customers!”

What would be your advice to startups thinking to join Startupbootcamp?

“Be prepared to work hard, and prepare a step-by-step plan on how to deal with your future mentors. The network of mentors opened by Startupbootcamp is an invaluable source of knowledge and experience that can help fine-tune your mission and focus.”

If you want to learn more about Dashmote, check their website and follow them on Twitter.

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