So, what is an InsurTech startup? [Infographic]

So, what is an InsurTech startup? [Infographic]

22-Oct-2015 by Colin Allison

Here at Startupbootcamp InsurTech we have been busy finding the best InsurTech startups for our program. We have been criss-crossing the globe speaking to insurers, entrepreneurs, and investors to figure out what are the next technologies that will be driving meaningful change in the industry.

It is no secret that technology will enable the evolution of the insurance industry. Insurance startups have raised well over $800M in 2015 alone and I have already explained some of the ways the industry is changing. We are always asked, “what exactly is an insurance startup, and why do you talk to so many different types of companies?” So, we have compiled a database of over 1,000 insurance startups around the world and have found a few areas that technology will have some serious impact and that we are looking to help accelerate:

Startupbootcamp InsurTech infographic


Are you working on a startup or project in one of thesee areas? See if Startupbootcamp could help.

InsurTech Verticals:

Customer Engagement
Policy Aggregators
Multi-channel engagement
Digital claims processing
Online purchasing and document management

Regulation & The Law
Digital contracts
KYC Identity verification
Automated compliance management

Wealth Management
Algorithm asset management
Digital pension and retirement planning

Data & Analytics
Real time risk management
Pay per use coverage
Dynamic underwriting
Personalized premiums

Information Security
Claims fraud detection
Cyber insurance
Personal data storage

Health and Wellness
Genetic Data
Chronic condition management
Preventative health care

Internet of Things
Vehicle telematics
Environmental sensors
Provenance/asset tracking
Home security