FinTech #sbcStartupOfTheWeek – Delio

FinTech #sbcStartupOfTheWeek – Delio

12-Oct-2015 by Penny Penati

Bootcamps are designed to push people to the extreme, and at Startupbootcamp this is no different. Exactly two months of the program have been completed, and we are now at the final month. Our cohort have been glistening with sweat due to their hard work; building an extensive contact base, launching pilot programs, and fine tuning their websites. After hearing the success stories of Julia Groves and Marta Krupinska (CEO of Trillion Fund and Co-Founder at Azimo respectively) and meeting BBVA Open Talent Competition 2015 winners at our FinTech social, the cohort are working harder than ever.

Amidst the hard work, we sat down with our fourth #startupoftheweek Delio. CEO, Gareth Lewis, and CTO, Steve Talbot, talk us through the core purpose of Delio, and where they see the company in the long-term. Delio have their main office in Cardiff, highlighting their origin and the meaning behind their name (Delio means deal in welsh). Delio is focused around asset management, and have created an enhanced connectivity into the private investment market.

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