Skidos – Captivating Maths – Mobile #sbcStartupOfTheWeek

Skidos – Captivating Maths – Mobile #sbcStartupOfTheWeek

17-Jul-2015 by Erica Baena Kato

Here’s a hypothetical math problem for you:

There are 6 amazing Startups in this year’s Startupbootcamp Mobile accelerator program. Out of 10 million dollars available from investors, 50% will raise 2 million dollars each. 40% of the money is left on the table, how much is left?

Hand this 5th grade problem to most kids and they will likely run and hide. How many kids actually like math? Is there a way to make math fun for kids?

This is exactly the question Skidos, one of Startupbootcamp Mobile’s 2015 class, wanted to find out. They have created a fun and innovative game focused on keeping kids excited and interested in math.

Aditya Prakash, CEO of Skidos

Inside Skidos.
Tell us a little about your team. How did you meet?

We have a 6-member team: two co-founders, a programmer, a designer and two interns.

My co-founder and I met at B-school where we immediately forged a friendship. He’s one of my closest friends and a part from working in the same team, we like to party and travel together.

The ‘Aha!’ moment.
How did it all begin?

My co-founder and I have always loved games. And so do kids around us who spend so many hours playing casual games on mobile. We felt that if we could add educational benefits which could be mapped to school curriculum and measured by the teacher, it would make a great product for both kids and teachers.

So we explored subjects to make a product for and we read a lot of reports. When we came across the PISA study on the OECD Countries, we realised how weak young children were in mathematical thinking. While spending time with them, we observed a lot of them feeling nervous and anxious toward solving math problems.

We feel this deep fear towards math can end up being a lifelong problem which will lead to kids not being able to solve real world problems when they enter their professional lives. Thus we decided to address this problem by making kids enjoy math using a casual gaming environment they are familiar with. In October 2015, Milk Hunt, our product, was globally launched.

Milk Hunt was designed to be a fun endless runner game which kids love playing with math skills practice in it”

Outshining the competition.
What sets you apart?

Our goal is always to make the game more fun and engaging, integrating math within the gameplay in an interesting and challenging manner for the kids. Most other products focus on gamification of learning content, they are not really games kids like to play in their free time.

Moving forward, we will continue to focus more on integrating math within the gameplay without compromising on the game elements.

Current situation.
Where are you in the development process?

Milk Hunt is already live on the Apple App Store. Our app has significant traction and great KPI’s. We are growing 40% month on month without any marketing spend.

Our users are spread across 76 countries, including schools in the US, Europe and Australia. Milk Hunt has been localised in more than 10 international languages.

The product has received international acclaim winning prestigious awards like the ‘Parents Choice Fun Stuff‘ Award and the ‘Family Choice‘ Award 2015.

What is in your next milestone? And how do you plan on getting there?

We are planning to launch the Android and web version of the app in the next couple of months and also to include a new database of math questions which completely changes children’s traditional approach to solving math problems.

We want to change this approach to make kids enjoy the journey towards mathematical thinking.

What are the most important lessons learned on this entrepreneurial journey so far?

  • As entrepreneurs we need to celebrate our small wins and learn from our failures.

  • Use data to guide your thinking and never give up if data shows you have the potential of a great product.

  • On an average, plan your entrepreneurial journey keeping in mind at least 2 years of full time effort without pay. For your entrepreneurial journey, it’s important to plan your finances well.

  • It’s also important that your family and friends are supportive.

Startupbootcamp Mobile.
What would you say you’ve enjoyed most about being part of the Startupbootcamp Mobile experience?

SBC copenhagen has been a great experience, meeting such brilliant entrepreneurs, mentors and people in general. SBC offers a great platform which can help startups expedite their journey to success by helping with product strategy, go to market, mentoring and of course fundraising. Some of the people who come for workshops have some great insights to share with us which is important for founders to use while running their startups.

What advice would you share with other entrepreneurs?

  • Be patient

  • Be persistant

  • Never give up the passion to solve human problems.

By the way, the answer to the 5th grade problem is 4 million. Is your math a bit rusty? Try this free version of Milk Hunt! Follow Skidos on Twitter and on Facebook to get the latest updates!

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