Investment Of Over 2 Million Euros For Smart City & Living Startups

Investment Of Over 2 Million Euros For Smart City & Living Startups


Investment Of Over 2 Million Euros For Smart City & Living Startups

Amsterdam, July 6 2015 – Accelerator Startupbootcamp Amsterdam organised their ‘Smart City & Living Demo Day’ on 3 July 2015. Eleven startups pitched their plans in SugarCity, an old sugar factory in Halfweg, for hundreds of investors and other interested parties. Despite the various ideas – ranging from off grid housing to the Internet of Things for everyday objects – all startups have the ambition to make our cities and environments smarter, more sustainable and easier to live in.

Keynote speaker was Harold Goddijn, founder and CEO of TomTom – the Netherlands’ most famous startup. In his speech, Goddijn emphasised the importance for startups to focus on their customers and product while sharing his business startup journey with the Demo Day guests. According to him, the emergence of smart cities is particularly very promising, stating: “In this field, there’s lots of opportunity for technology, creativity and business development.”

The Demo Day saw that seven out of eleven companies reveal to have already raised over 2 million euros in funding.. Together, they’re looking for a total of 3.5 million euro. Immediately after Demo Day, the first investors were knocking on the startups’ doors. At this point, all startups are talking to investors about future funding.


The eleven startups were chosen to participate in Startupbootcamp out of over 300 applications after a rigorous selection process. After three months of intense support by their mentors, they were ready to pitch at Demo Day. Demo Day is designed to kick-start a new round of investments for the participating startups, that need extra funding to keep growing. Additionally, all companies announced signing paying customers during the program, which demonstrates early demand to potential investors.

Gert van Vugt, CEO of Sustainer Homes, announced their collaboration with Eneco. At the same time, the first Sustainer was presented to the audience, a self-sufficient off grid house. Other news came from Stucomm, an app where students can look up all relevant information in one dashboard. Founder Ronald Kouvelt announced their sixth paying customer: TU Delft. The young company now has a sales pipeline of almost one million euros. The French/Dutch car sharing startup Carnomise told the audience for the first time about their expansion to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, made possible by a deal with Sky-Park and a large Dutch insurance company. Meanwhile, Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of Startupbootcamp, introduced their own new global partner: Salesforce For Startups.

Social ROI

De Zeeuw is pleased with the Smart City & Living topic: “Almost all startups have a social nature. They are impact startups. The interest of investors in startups is partly shifting from financial ROI towards social ROI and startups that want to contribute to society. This trend was noticeable in the USA a few years ago, and is now spreading to the Netherlands.”

International startups

A lot of startups in this program are non-Dutch: eight out of eleven. It’s not a coincidence that the city of Amsterdam attracts new businesses in the smart city development. Amsterdam is known for its activities in this field and stimulates startups to contribute to sustainable economic growth in the city. Especially these new companies can help make the city smarter, because of their innovative strength and creativity.

The eleven startups participating:

Carnomise: Carsharing service for airports that offers travelers free airport parking by renting their cars out to other travelers while they are away.

Civocracy: An online platform connecting citizens, businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities to learn, discuss, and take action on political and social issues in their communities.

Flattire: An integrated app for bike users and repair professionals to engage and facilitate repair services to flat tires and other common bicycle issues that plague cyclists every day.

Comfy: Comfy makes residents feel safe and secure by developing a connected LED lamp that allows for realistic presence simulation and soft intrusion detection through their smart sensors and core technology.

Stucomm: Stucomm has developed a technologically scalable system and mobile app to integrate and consolidate core communication between universities and students. Their tools enhance the efficiency and ease of communications for all stakeholders in university environments.

Tespack: With Tespack you will never lose your power when on the move. The company has developed, designed and manufactured mobile energy devices for the extreme outdoor market to increase the battery life of life saving and recreational devices such as GPS equipment, mobile phones and action cameras.

Sustainer Homes: Sustainer Homes builds off-grid, sustainable container homes that are comfortable and completely independent of gas, water, and electricity connection.

Multisense: MultiSense has developed a unique face and voice recognition technology, bringing more security to our online presence thus protecting our personal details from the cyber threats plaguing the internet today.

Wiffinity: A free mobile app that allows tourists to discover and connect to free WIFI hotspots. The company reuses existing WIFI networks and associated infrastructure to provide connectivity and enhanced engagement between tourists and local businesses.

OOSM: The company has developed their own multi platform screen management and content deployment system. Through it, clients can optimise retail experiences and gain core customer insights through digital screens.

trakkies.: trakkies provides multi-functional hardware and state-of-the-art software for consumer-grade IoT-applications, starting with pro-active loss prevention for personal possessions.


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