Startupbootcamp Alumni Spotlight: Funifi

Startupbootcamp Alumni Spotlight: Funifi

19-Feb-2015 by GeorgeVou

The Startupbootcamp Alumni Spotlight is a monthly series profiling innovative and exciting stories from our extended family each month. Check back soon for more!

is a family first company dedicated to making life easier for parents. Their main product Funifi DO is a mobile app that gamifies everyday tasks and motivates children to get their chores done. The team states that by working with child psychologists, teachers and parents, they offer proven solutions within a secure online environment. The startup began life in June 2013. There were six people in Funifi as they joined the SBC program a few months later that year, they are currently 12, split across Copenhagen, London and the hq in Nicosia, Cyprus. Funifi has received seed funding of $450k and tied up a strategic partnership with Unilever UK.

The company mission is to ‘positively impact every family on the planet’

  1. What has Funifi been working on since Startupbootcamp?

Everything! SBC was an incredible experience for the team. It definitely accelerated our business and even more so, our thought process. We made a lot of valuable contacts through the network there and after 4 months in Denmark and a little time in the UK, we headed back to Cyprus to set up base. Since then we raised a round of $450k and tied up a partnership with Unilever. We’ve worked hard on the product to get it to the level it is today and had a successful soft launch and rolling out with full launch now. We also launched the super exciting Funifi Blog too. User acquisition and retention are the two main things we are focused on right now and we’re really fortunate to be getting amazing feedback from our users on a daily basis.

  1. What will a world where kids want to do their chores be like?

It will be awesome! and blissful for their parents. Just to add a little to that though, the purpose is to help parents create the structure they desire and for children to understand the value in doing them. This isn’t a quick trick play, this is core learning and character building all at the touch of your fingertips..and some dedication and effort.

  1. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned since founding Funifi?

Embrace uncertainty!

  1. We think a little failure is healthy for startups. What’s a mistake you’ve made that ultimately helped the company.

There are a few. I would say the way we originally conducted research was well off. We were practically pitching the idea to people and then asking if they would want it. It was like me coming up to you now at lunchtime when you are starving and saying ‘do you want this three course meal’? of course you do! Anyhow, the mistakes we made then led to us completely re-doing our research and this helped us uncover some huge issues which actually led to our biggest pivot so far.

  1. What’s next for Funifi in 2015?

In order:

Keep loving what we DO and the time we spend with the people we’re working together with.

Raise another round which we’re very close to. Scale up the user base and add more great strategic partners.

Introduce three big new features: our chore university, family chat and an in app currency so that should be exciting!

Funifi Blog:
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