The Startupbootcamp HighTechXL Demo Day You Will Always Remember

The Startupbootcamp HighTechXL Demo Day You Will Always Remember

20-Feb-2015 by SophiaKirova

They said it would be the coldest winter day in the Netherlands. It was 6 February 2015, and it all started like this:

Startupbootcamp HighTechXL Intro Demo Day 2015 from StartupbootcampTV on Vimeo.

Guus Frericks, our high-tech-to-the-bone managing director, stood on the 30-meter stage of the iconic Evoluon building in Eindhoven, to welcome a bit over 1000 guests. This was our second HighTechXL Demo Day, and no one had the slightest clue of how unexpectedly it would end.

“Hardware is the new COOL!” he proclaimed, and you have to agree with him. There is a makers community revolution on the rise. IoT, 3D Printing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel – all the more ways of fast and easy prototyping, home kits, and open source are paving the way for hardware to repeat the software boom.

Thank you Alex, point taken!

First team to kick off was ULU. Jost Faganel delivered an ace pitch that almost instantly landed a 20K ticket in their Leapfunder campaign.

Apparently, Jost had another ace up his sleeve…

Selene Biffi from Bibak touched the audience with her personal story about getting involved with social entrepreneurship in Afghanistan, and the way Bibak came into being. She’s been our constant source of Inspiration throughout the program; our inspiration to be brave.

SpinControl put their amazing, pure steel revolutionary worm gear on stage:

While some were taking a break after the first batch of pitches, others were concentrating body and soul on their performance:

Ramon from Avular revealed another massive piece of hardware – their drone:

You nailed that question, Lorenzo! I think you had a prompt answer by the end of the show.

These guys? They have a real passion for running and exercise:

Anyone with asthma, please raise your hand:

Then came time for the big news!

We thought at that point, it couldn’t get better. But then we had a SOS situation backstage. Guus approached: “Can you help me find the Avular dudes? We need them on stage!” Alright, I thought, and went to fetch them. But they were nowhere to be found until…

You bet it wasn’t staged. We were in shock ourselves! And while the thought “Wow, who is this mysterious guy?” circulated around, Patrick needed to interrupt Guus, who was in the midsts of his passionate speech thanking all mentors for their plain hard work, with the words: “We have another announcement to make”

Absolute silence in the audience.

We totally agree! Hilarious!

Yes, we were all obliviously happy on stage and the only thing we could say was:

To the ones who shared with very special day with us, Thank You! Thank you for coming to our HighTechXL Demo Day 2015! Without your energy, it wouldn’t have been such a great success. You’ve written startup history together with us.

To the ones who weren’t there, we hope you enjoyed this summary. We hope it has ignited your inner entrepreneurial spark. And we hope it has given you a good reason and hook for the upcoming program. See you next time for another mind-blowing Demo Day to remember! Cheers, Sophia.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Guus Frericks Managing Director HighTechXL
Jost Faganel ULU
Valer Pop UniCare
Selene Biffi Bibak
Sheldon Xie IDNEXT
Alexandra Ioannidou Amen Technologies
Patrick Gabriels Co-founder HighTechXL
Paul van Ass Keynote
Eric Carrier SpinControl
Ramon Haken Avular
Andrew Statham RunR
Pim Bekking Star Engines
Stijn Stumpel Manus Machina
Mr Yu Investor Franca and Leonie Most valued mentoring duo
Jos Spierings Eddie Sjaak Deckers Most Valued Mentors
The entire HighTechXL Team