Partners of FinTech Pitch Days Asia

Partners of FinTech Pitch Days Asia

04-Feb-2015 by MarkusGnirck

FinTech Pitch Days Across Asia: The One Thing We Couldn’t Do Without

The momentum and enthusiasm surrounding Startupbootcamp FinTech’s launch in Singapore has been incredible. In the three weeks since arriving, we have run four Pitch Days spanning 4,000 km (Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Beijing), worked with 50 startups and close to 100 mentors. With coverage in dozens of APAC newspapers and magazines and 11 upcoming events, we are truly making a FinTech shaped splash in the region. We have seen different FinTech trends in various regions, from consumer facing payment startups to back end solutions for the back office. FinTech in Asia is on the rise and can’t be ignored any more on the global map.
However, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for one thing; our brilliant partners on the ground.

We would like to take this opportunity to not only offer thanks to our Pitch Day partners, but also to answer a question; what motivates them to get involved?

TCS, the partner for the upcoming Pitch Days in Mumbai and Bangalore, see hosting Pitch Days with sbc FinTech as an opportunity to engage sustainably and meaningfully with innovation ecosystems within India. This motivation is driven by their COINTM Program which allows “a variety of stakeholders working in innovation ecosystems to engage with TCS and its customers.” Indranil Sarker, Head of Emerging Technology of COINTM, refers to this as a “win-win scenario” as it rests at the point “where new technologies meet real-life customer needs and real-world problems”.

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As well as investing in the Singapore program, DBS play a strong mentorship role across our Singapore based Pitch Days. Their motivation is to drive innovation within DBS as well as fostering innovative startup ecosystems across Asia; partnering with Startupbootcamp FinTech, therefore, represents an opportunity to “facilitate financial innovation in Singapore by attracting global startups.”

We partnered with Mobile Money & Digital Payments Asia for the Pitch Day in Jakarta, coming together on our shared goal of finding the most disruptive, cutting-edge ideas within digital payments in Indonesia.

In fact, this drive for seeking innovation and providing a support system for local entrepreneurs is the key ingredient in building a mutually successful relationship and, most importantly, offering the startups a truly valuable experience.

Follow our pitch days #sbcpitchdays and check out our upcoming events:
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