Mentoring Awesomeness

Mentoring Awesomeness

03-Feb-2015 by MichaelHausenblas

In late January 2015 I was flying in from Silicon Valley, via Dublin, to arrive in Barcelona and stay for two days, meeting up with the folks from Startupbootcamp Internet of Things & Data. The idea was to have a number of 1:1 sessions with interested startups the first day and on the second day give a technical workshop. Here’s what I experienced.

Day 1

After an early start—had to leave Dublin at 6:40am—I went straight to the Startupbootcamp office where I received a very warm welcome and was shown around.

Then, we went to work: seven startups were lined up and I was eager to talk with each of them. I met teams from eNovalys, Muzze, Datumize, Nuwe, Teraki, Zolertia and Oasys and spent 30min (and sometimes a bit more) each with them. Most of the discussions were of technical nature, naturally, however we did have the one or other business-model or GTM discussion.

I was amazed by how professional the overall presentation and the teams themselves were. And while 7x30min with minimal breaks were admittedly exhausting, I was so energized and motivated after these sessions that it was hard to get to the hotel and continue my daily work, there.

Day 2

On the second day I arrived an hour before my workshop, to give the startup team members an opportunity to approach me concerning things we were not able to address the day before. And sure enough, I just made it in time to the workshop where I introduced data processing tooling for the IoT , such as messages queues, stream processing frameworks and time series databases in the context of a dedicated IoT architecture. The workshop itself then was an interactive one with lots of good discussions on systems, requirements and experiences around them.

We had another round of follow-up discussions, agreed Skype and mail syncs in the next couple of days and then I unfortunately had to leave already for other work. However, the stay was not yet complete—as a welcome finish we had an excellent dinner (thanks, again, Angel!) where we were having one of the best squid meal I had for some time (did I already mention that I’m totally into Catalan cuisine?). Looking forward to seeing what’s going on with the startups I met there and also helping where I can!

Michael Hausenblas
Chief Data Engineer MapR Technologies