Connected Cars: Necessity of Our Lives or a Passing Trend?

Connected Cars: Necessity of Our Lives or a Passing Trend?

23-Jan-2015 by TanjaKufner

Do you remember the times when a car used to be just a means of transporting you from one place to another (with quite some complications involved in the process)? Well, those times are gone. Today, a car is an ultimate connected device that is responsible for delivering you to your destination with the maximum comfort and safety.

Those of you who saw a 1980’s American TV show Knight Rider at least once would say that it sounds a lot like KITT, a super car, capable of making conscious decisions and shooting an occasional sarcastic remark along the way. And you would be right, except that Connected Cars of today are no longer a product of sci-fi fiction, but a current and growing trend.

In this new blog post series, we decided to provide you with some insights into the world of Connected Cars and predictions of how this trend will develop in 2015. But today, let’s start from the basics…

What Is a Connected Car?

The all-mighty Wikipedia defines connected car as a “car that is equipped with internet access, and usually also with a wireless local area network.” However, in the last years this definition exceeded itself. Now, a connected car is more of an intelligent journey assistant, capable of optimizing its own operation and maintenance, as well as the comfort of passengers with the help of onboard sensors and internet connectivity.

How Big Is The Trend?

Very. According to the study by Telefónica, more than 70% of surveyed drivers said that they are interested in using, or are already using, connected car services. And the trend is growing. The same survey revealed that connected cars are becoming a mass-market product: the overall number of vehicles with built-in connectivity will increase from 10% of the overall market today to 90% by 2020. Already now, some people consider connectivity a more important feature than engine power or even fuel efficiency.

What’s Coming Next?

Connected cars are about to become an integral part of our “connected” life. Quoting Ian Digman, General Manager at Nissan, “just because people are spending two, three hours a day in a car, they don’t want to be disconnected from their normal life.” Numbers prove his statement: 80% of consumers expect the connected car of the future to provide the same connected experience they are used to at home, at work and on the move via their mobile phone.

Long story short, it looks like these connected beauties are here to stay and we are about to see this trend grow and become an integral part of our lives like, say, a smartphone, or Sir Internet itself.

How important is the car connectivity for you? Why do you think this trend is so big today? We are eager to see your thoughts in the comments!—A little preview: Next week we are going to outline five booming trends that will shape the Connected Cars industry in 2015, we’ll look deeper into the nature of infotainment and will tell you why it is better to let your cars talk. Keep an eye on our blog!

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