10 startups pitch at Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day

10 startups pitch at Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day


10 startups pitch at Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Demo Day

Keynotes by John MacFarlane (Sonos) and Cees Links (GreenPeak)

Amsterdam, December 18th 2014 – On January 23th 2015 Startupbootcamp hosts the E- & Mcommerce Demo Day. At this event, ten selected startups will pitch their business to investors. The event will take place at Rabobank’s headquarters in Utrecht. Keynotes will be given by John MacFarlane (Sonos) and Cees Links (GreenPeak).

Startups are ambitious but, according to research, inaccessible funding and bureaucracy stand in their way. That’s why accelerator Startupbootcamp offers startups an international network of relevant partners, investors and mentors. In three months, startups are being prepared to deliver the ultimate pitch at Demo Day E- & Mcommerce. The goal: raising funding to kick-start their business.

Keynote speakers:

  • John MacFarlane is founder and CEO of Sonos, a fully integrated wireless HiFi-system. Sonos was founded in 2002 and has raised 118 million dollars since then. Their estimated sales for 2014 are over one billion dollars. On Demo Day, John MacFarlane will show how the company managed to go from a startup to a rival of the major home entertainment suppliers.
  • Cees Links is founder and CEO of GreenPeak. Links is also the pioneer of the WiFi-connection. GreenPeak provides products for smart homes and was recently announced winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast50. It reached a growth of 8757 percent in 2014. How did they do it? During a Q&A with Ruud Hendriks, Links will explain GreenPeak’s story on stage.

More information: www.startupbootcamp.org/events/demo-day-e-mcommerce-14.html

Participating startups:

A short overview of the Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce 2014 participants:

Eccentrade (Netherlands) is the supply assessment engine that powers sustainable innovation. The pre-beta platform with over ten thousands suppliers will be announced on January. http://eccentrade.com/

Joopp (Netherlands) is the easiest and fastest website builder. Just last night, they announced they are launching a new pilot with Werkspot. In the last couple of months they setup a distribution channel in Brazil and already sold contract for 2000 sites. http://joopp.com/

Magnetic.io (Netherlands) will turn enterprises into online innovators. Their product Vamp drastically reduces the cost of hosting and operations, and improves uptime and time-to-market, using cutting-edge Silicon Valley technology. On Demo Day they will announce the release of their powerfull DevOps open-source framework. http://magnetic.io/

Printr (Netherlands) is making 3D printing accessible for everyone and at this moment is signing contracts with 5 of the top 3D printer manufacturers in the world to implement its software in its next generation 3D printers. http://printr.nl/

Quiver (Netherlands) allows you to track and control your information regardless of where it is and actually share information based on your terms. With this product, the startup has a lot of interest from many companies, for instance in The Netherlands they have almost 70% of the banks as their customers. http://quiverproject.com/

RelevancyData.com (Israel) is the first company that analyzes video content and brings relevant advertisement. The largest broadcasters in The Netherlands and the largest media companies have already shown their interest. http://relevancydata.com/

Saddl (Netherlands) introduces a solution that enables you to get anything you want from anywhere you want and have it delivered at exactly the moment you want. They are currently signing some big partnerships that will help them realize this and offer you the best deal possible. http://saddl.nl/

StartMonday (Germany) helps employers hire better people, faster, with a 15 second video. Already working with a growing set of global brands, StartMonday is set to change job-hunting forever. http://startmonday.com/

Tom Kabinet (Netherlands) is the Ebay of second-hand e-books and is bright and brave enough to introduce the whole “Bookify” model for the entire Europe. http://tomkabinet.nl/

Yippie (Netherlands) helps people shop smarter. We show you where a product is on sale. Seamlessly integrated, completely personalised and instant. Yippie does automatic price comparison but is currently adding a massive feature, unique in the entire world. The feature will be there on January and is called personal pricing. This means that they can actually offer unique deals to their users. http://yippie.nl/

About Startupbootcamp
Startupbootcamp is a pan-European accelerator program with programs in Amsterdam, Berlin, Eindhoven, Haifa, London, Copenhagen and Istanbul. Startupbootcamp builds an international ecosystem for startups, allowing them to achieve in three months what a startup would normally achieve in a year.

Startupbootcamp is a program for startups with innovative solutions. The program is supported by partners such as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, eBay/ Marktplaats, ING, Sundio Group, ICS Cards (International Card Services), Rabobank, Wereldhave and Vodafone.

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