The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 7

The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 7

12-Dec-2014 by Anna-MariaChatzidaki

The 7th blog of the “Real Startupbootcamp Experience” series is here for you to get a scoop into an SBC startup accelerator. Week 7 in the Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Program in Amsterdam was yet another busy, creative, euphoric one!


On Week 7 David Beckett, Pitch Coach, creator of the Pitch Canvas and author of “3 Minute Presentation” was in the house for a workshop. David will work hard with the startups over the last 6 weeks of the program running up to Demo Day. During his workshop, he mainly focused on the question: how can the pitchers perfect their pitch script and be sure that their Demo Day pitch will rock on the 23rd of January? Don’t forget to check David’s video on the Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Pitch.

Same day we had another version of the Thematic Mentor Sessions this time focused on IU/UX with five amazing mentors brainstorming with one team at a time for their business.

We see that most startups don’t know how to approach the press and feel lost on what kind of information might be intersting for them. This is why, we invited technology journalists Ciara Byrne and Adine Rooyackers, and Lorenzo Grandi of to enlighten the startups on the right ways to approach tech press, the exciting topics to share and how to write interesting content.

Next to that, we were very happy to host a brilliant mind in our office. Best-selling author David Allen gave an amazing “Inspiration Session”. With thirty years of consulting, training, and coaching in U.S. and global organizations; three books on his record- Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity (2001); Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Work and Life (2003); and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life (2008), David Allen knows how you get things done. Everyone can learn from him and benefit for life!

Afterwards, it was time for the second event of our program, the “Client & Partner Sneak Preview”. We had a great group of companies coming in to watch our 10 startups pitch and talk with them about potential partnerships and pilots.

Last but not least, another great businessman, Arco van Nieuwland, founder of Yuki, was here to give an Inspiration Session. The startups had the chance to gain insights and learn from his life story, ups and downs, his successes and failures.

Coming up next,week 8 included the “Investment Game” workshop, the “Meet The Press” event and the teams getting “pitching-fever” to be ready for Demo Day!