The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 6

The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 6

05-Dec-2014 by Anna-MariaChatzidaki

Just like every week, we are here to give you a clearer overview of what a Startupbootcamp Program looks like. So let us fill you in with what happened during week 6 into the E- & Mcommerce Program in Amsterdam.


Growth hacker David Arnoux and lean expert Kees van Nunen kicked off the week with a workshop on growth hacking. Being the COO & growth hacker at SBC alumnus Twoodo, David has faced challenges in the subject and has therefore priceless tips and guidelines to share with other startups who are also struggling to sell products and gain exposure.

Next to that, we were particularly glad to see 6 of our startups visit the HQ of our partner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, pitch their product, share their vision and get feedback and insights from KLM’s professionals. Apart from the valuable insights though, that was an interesting event if you consider that it is very common for our startups to launch pilots with our program’s sponsors.

Week 6 was a very important week for us at SBC E- & Mcommerce for another reason; we had our first pitching event of the program. More than 30 investors came in during the “Investor Sneak Preview I” to hear the 10 teams pitch and connect with them. This was a rather important moment for all of the startups, as it marked the count-down for their pitch preparation for Demo Day.

The event was very interesting as the startups had the chance to network with these investors for potential funding opportunities. After the event, the startups received an evaluation by the investors which will help them identify their weakness when it comes to pitching and the points that need their attention over the next weeks to achieve the perfect Demo Day presentation of their company.

After an intense and demanding week, we completed the week with a more fun workshop with Boom Chicago in the house to give tips for a strong, confident and convincing pitch through several very simple but effective activities.

Coming up next,week 7 included workshops on pitching and dealing with tech press. We also had two amazing inspiration sessions; one by best-seller author David Allen and another one by Arco van Nieuwland of Yuki. Not to forget, the second event of our program “Client & Partner Sneak Preview”.