33 Ways an Accelerator Changes Your Life

33 Ways an Accelerator Changes Your Life

11-Dec-2014 by SophiaKirova

Alright, folks, the Christmas holidays are coming.

It’s time to go back home and tell your friends and family how this accelerator of yours feels like.

Because let’s face it: ever since you set foot on this foreign ground, your life hasn’t been quite the same.

In a nutshell, here’s what you’ve been up to lately:

1. You pitch every day, anytime

You shrug every time people ask you about competition…

…but in fact you:

3. You always carry a toothbrush/ toothpaste kit…

…in case you sleep over at the office or elsewhere.

4. If no pain, no gain

5. Beer and Pizza are almighty

…and you live on them

6. You measure time in “Days till Demo Day”

7. Skype is where your friends live

Your to-do list redefines petrifying

9. There is no such thing as weekend

3 months feel like a lifetime

11. You develop a ‘keep on smiling’ mode

But Business Model Canvases creep into your dreams

The word ‘validation’ makes you twitch

14. You finally know what your IPR strategy is – NON

15. Nothings makes you happier than user feedback

16. Well, maybe investor interest

17. You take naps, accidentally

18. And reply to emails at 1a.m.

19.Your face when I send you another deadline reminder

. You’re not just busy, you’re lost

21. Some days are not meant to be

Another Legal workshop at 9a.m. feels just like this

23. The other startup teams are your best buddies

24. And Twitter is your newsroom

25. All sorts of people come to check you out

26. Everyone is your Mentor

…but their advice can be particularly painful

27. Then your team gets wicked

You changed your beachhead plan at least 10 times

29. You miss everything labeled “made in homeland”

30. The sight of an empty office makes you feet swing

31. You guys&gals live together, like in the good ol’ days

32. You say cash

….we say

33. You though Demo Day would be phunky…

…but realize it’s unnerving

Join the movement #acceleratorLife! We’re curious to see how your life in an accelerator looks like.

Cheers, Sophia.