What's hot in the Smart Home industry

What's hot in the Smart Home industry

21-Nov-2014 by MarcWesselink

This week Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living brings you the latest news in the smart home industry. If you are interested in smart homes this post will help you stay up to date. If you have no clue about it, don’t worry, you are not alone (check these stats). But we strongly suggest to get involved. If the appealing reason that the home automated market could reach $71 billion by 2018 is not enough to drag you into this industry, have a look at the latest news to see if it lightens up your spirit.

At startupbootcamp we are looking for top innovative startups with smart home solutions to join our acceleration program. In the following video you’ll find the 9 upcoming pitch days around Europe and you can apply here.

Now let’s have a look at what the media has to say about smart homes these days:

The whole package? Tiny device promises to be smart home hub, router, and more. As more and more startups join the smart home industry the number of appliances is increasing and it will get to a point where managing all of them from different devices will become a troublesome task. This groundbreaking startup is willing to make our life easier by enabling users to centralize the control from one and only app.

LittleBits’ new kit lets you create your own smart-home gizmos. Give a warm applause to the DIY side of smart homes. With this colorful kit you can, according to your preferences and needs of the moment, build your own smart home device by exchanging & swapping the 14 modules and 11 accesories that the pack contains.

In the smart home, the ‘Smart Kitchen’ may be biggest opportunity of all
. Check this article by Michael Wolf about the great potential of innovating in kitchen appliances and the latest trends.

GE has a plan to make futuristic ‘smart homes’ happen. Have you ever heard of the online platform Quirky? GE has partnered up with them to educate people about the benefits of smart homes with the goal of changing the social stigma that smart home appliances are “only for tech nerds, early adopters and rich people”.

iDevices wants to show the smart home world how to play Apple’s game. iDevices is aware of Apple playing hard in the Smart Home industry. Using the reasoning that it is better to walk together with your fierce competitor than against him, iDevices will try to make it easier for new smart home companies to integrate into Apple’s Homekit.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned because we’ll bring hot news for different verticals in which Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living is looking for startups:

> Smart home | Automated living | Smart home appliances | Smart city appliances
> Smart mobility | Smart parking | Traffic management | Smart society | Open data | FI-WARE
> Internet of Things & M2M solutions | Smart connections | Smart wifi
> Smart energy | Smart metering | Smart grid | Smart lighting
> Smart building |
Urban planning | Waste management
> Smart care | Emergency response | Smart health solutions
> Smart agriculture | Smart food solutions

Before we say goodbye we’d like to show you a video of Patrick de Zeeuw & Marc Wesselink explaining why we chose to host an accelerator such as Smart City & Living.