The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 2

The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 2

07-Nov-2014 by Anna-MariaChatzidaki

Your weekly dose of the Startupbootcamp life is here. The second week of the E- & Mcommerce Program found most of the startups trying to adjust to the intense roller-coaster that is our accelerator program.


During the first month of each Startupbootcamp program, we focus on matching the 10 startups with those key mentors and experts that will work very close with them and help bring their business to the next level. Most of the startups face challenges or lack knowledge in certain fields. In Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce we have over 150+ Mentors with expertise in all the different verticals, industries and regions vital in growing a business. Therefore, the first three weeks of the program are filled with “Mentor Matching Sessions”. By the end of this intense month, the startups will have selected their mentors who may stay with them even after the completion of our accelerator program.

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Selecting the right mentors is a tricky business which is why we invited Alex Gunkel of Giaura, our Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014 Alumnus, to share his best practises of dealing with SBC mentors over a workshop. This was rather necessary if you consider that over 100+ mentor matching sessions took place during week 2 for the 10 startups.

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Μια φωτογραφ?α που δημοσ?ευσε ο χρ?στης Startupbootcamp (@startupbootcamp) στις

In the meantime, Kees van Nunen was once more in the house for yet another workshop, this time on the Agile methodology & the Scrum framework. It was the perfect opportunity for the teams to start working more effectively together by creating more transparency and better communication between team members. This will help them reach their goals more effectively and speed up their business growth.

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Coming up, week 3 was filled with workshops on Growth Hacking, Brand Development and Persuasive Design given by the best in the fields. Stay tuned and get the first scoops by following us on Twitter and Instagram.