The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 3

The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 3

14-Nov-2014 by Anna-MariaChatzidaki

We are back to give you a taste of the amazing roller coaster that is a Startupbootcamp accelerator program. Our report from week 3 of the E- & Mcommerce Program currently running in Amsterdam, is full of workshops.


The week kicked off with a workshop byi Andrea Francis, the Conversion Optimization Specialist of Hubspot on data-driven Content Marketing. She explained the importance of content marketing to raise the credibility of your product and shared valuable insights to help our startups develop product influencers and evangelists.

The startups also begun a new series of 10 workshops where they all brainstorm growth hacks for one startup per workshop. As a starting point, they will be using the bestseller Traction Book to analyze the different ways growth hackers acquire customers.

Head of Design at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, Robin Dohmen was also here to give a workshop about Brand Development. He presented all the key points on the subject, especially within the startup environment and shared his learnings after working with all the SBC Amsterdam startups in all the past programs. Most importantly, he pushed the startups to clearly define their vision. During the workshop, the startups had to also come up with ±20 values of their startup (for example: exclusive, high quality, durability, etc.) and pick the best way of communicating as a brand (for example: accessible, superior, etc.)

We were also very glad to host Olaf Igesz, Managing Director of Buyersminds who gave a special presentation on how persuasive design can boost online conversion for your startup. Olaf shared insights from his experience in Buyersminds where they have developed a powerful method based on models of behaviour change and the psychology of persuasion to boost online results.

Last but not least, Tienko Rasker of SBC Amsterdam ‘14 Alumnus Leapfunder was also in the office to explain the Convertible Note. For many startups a convertible is the ideal investment instrument. They have been the norm in the US for years, and the vast majority of SBC funding runs through convertibles. Tienko shared practical tips on their use, as well discussing their pros and cons.

Coming up next, in week 4 some intense Thematic Mentor Sessions dedicated to Marketing took place and of course enlightening workshops in Team Building, UX/UI and Leadership. Not to forget, that week 4 was also the Amsterdam eWeek with our startups attending various events and our HQ hosting an open-office day as part of the NewCo.

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