7 Reasons to attend Startupbootcamp FinTech Demo Day

7 Reasons to attend Startupbootcamp FinTech Demo Day

03-Nov-2014 by PatrickTaube
  1. London is the place to be in FinTech

The City didn’t pull its reputation for the world’s financial capital out of thin air. “Fintech financing in the region has grown at twice the rate of Silicon Valley since 2008”, says Accenture. Around $265 million were invested in fintech in UK and Ireland in 2013, and a large part of that in London. Couple that to an annualised growth rate north of 50%, and it means there’s serious money available for investments – and serious money to be made.

  1. The startups cover FinTech from A to Z

From cryptocurrency to insurance brokerage, passing through crowdfunding and e-invoicing, there isn’t a sector of FinTech that isn’t represented in the Startupbootcamp FinTech 2014 cohort. The variety makes it all the more interesting and greatly increases the chances of finding something to one’s liking.

  1. The pitches are going to be terrific

As I mentioned before, pitching is hard. Luckily, our teams have been hard at work on the matter. Public speaking classes, creation of a Pitch Canvas with the Pitch Doctor, expression and stage presence lessons with actors are all things they’ve done over the past couple of weeks. Nothing will be left to chance. Wake them up at 3:49 on the odd Tuesday night and ask any of the teams to pitch: chances are they’ll deliver a flawless performance. Don’t expect any less for 12th November.

  1. Diversity

The 2014 FinTech cohort is a textbook example of diversity: out of the 10 teams, only 2 are British, and 4 stem from outside of Europe. The startups operate in markets that range from emerging to highly developed and they target millennials as well as previous generations.

  1. The format is going to be properly different

It’ll be unlike any Demo Day you’ve ever seen. Seriously, it will blow your mind. Expect the best, and be prepared for more than that. We’re taking Demo Day efficacy to a whole new level by removing all of the showbiz frills and focusing on what it’s all about: the startups and you. Forget all you know about Demo Days and “we’re making the world a better place” – join us in the Lindley Hall for a truly Back to the Roots experience.

  1. Startupbootcamp FinTech mentors are world-class

20% are CEOs, more than 25% are Founders and around 25% are Partners – but all of them have the will to help the startups thrive in their market and want them to succeed. They’ve graciously offered their time and expertise for this, and the results clearly show.

  1. The network comes pretty close to being solid gold

There are more than 450 mentors in the Startupbootcamp FinTech network: that’s at least 40 million potential third-degree contacts, taking a conservative estimate. With every single one of these come recommendations, introductions and maybe, just maybe (quite likely, to be honest), the golden deal for the teams.

On that note – see you at Demo Day, 1:30pm 12th November 2014!

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