The WHY, WHAT & HOW of Startupbootcamp’s newest program: Smart City & Living

The WHY, WHAT & HOW of Startupbootcamp’s newest program: Smart City & Living

20-Oct-2014 by MarcWesselink

1. Why is everyone talking about Smart Cities?

Throughout history we have always seen masses of people moving from rural to urban areas searching for a better life. This is still happening nowadays. However, there is something that citizens have today which they did not have before: information about the disastrous consequences of this increase in population in urban areas. We are all aware resources are scarce and know we should manage them in a more efficient way.

So, how can we solve this? We believe ICT can help cities become more sustainable and efficient. The development and application of innovative technology solutions can hold the key to a smarter society and, therefore, smarter cities. Thousands of startups go through the Startupbootcamp systems every year, enabling us to spot trends very early. We see that the smart solutions humanity is so desperately looking for won’t come from the established brands, but from startups from all around the world. That is exactly why we are focusing on a Smart City & Living vertical at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam.

2. What is the SBC Smart City & Living Program looking for?

At Startupbootcamp we couldn’t resist entering this brand new market full of innovative business ideas to discover. We are looking for startups with top-notch business ideas in any of the following markets:

  1. Smart Home | Automated Living

  2. Smart Home Appliances | Smart City appliances

  3. Smart Mobility | Smart Parking | Traffic Management

  4. Big Data regarding city projects | Open Data | FI-WARE

  5. Internet of Things & Machine to Machine Solutions I Smart Connections | Smart Wifi

  6. Smart Energy | Smart Metering | Smart Grid | Smart Lightning | Climate Control

  7. Smart Building | Urban Planning | Waste Management

  8. Smart Society

  9. Smart Care | Emergency Response

  10. Smart Working

  11. Smart Product Management

  12. Smart Retail

  13. End User Innovation

  14. Smart Agriculture | Smart Food Solutions

  15. Smart Health Solutions

Would you like to enter an exciting journey with us for three months at the Startupbootcamp office in Amsterdam? Continue reading!

3. How does the Startupbootcamp accelerator work?

The key behind the 95% success rate of our Amsterdam alumni startups is the following: a proven successful, mentor-driven program, a super committed global network of 2000+ mentors, partners and investors and a very dedicated SBC team that will go the extra mile to make your startups succeed.

We challenge our startups to question their entire business model, strategy, growth prospects and market-fit from every possible angle. Through workshops given by industry-experts, intensive mentoring and guidance from the SBC team, the startups are pushed to do more, faster. It is no surprise that many of them pivot within this three-month period to ultimately become the international scalable companies we’re looking for. With the help of our corporate partners, our startups run pilots and launch products and services with established brands, usually out of reach for startups. Startupbootcamp guarantees an introduction with anyone relevant to accelerate your business within 24 hours. We create various occasions to meet investors early onwards in the program. This way our startups are well prepared and ready to raise funds after Demo Day, which seems -shown by our funding rate of 95%- a proven strategy. Most importantly, the SBC accelerator is not about three months; once you enter the SBC family, you have us by your side forever.

The selected startups receive €15K in cash per team and 6 months of free co-working space in the coolest startup hub of Amsterdam. So be ready to pack your bags and come to The Netherlands!

The SBC team is working hard organizing world-class partnerships, events and activities for the Smart City & Living startups to have a priceless experience.

Are you ready for this challenge? We are looking forward to your application. Click here to apply!

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