The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 1

The Real Startupbootcamp Experience- SBC E- & Mcommerce- Week 1

24-Oct-2014 by Anna-MariaChatzidaki

We would like to welcome you to our new vertical program with a focus on the ecommerce and mobile commerce industry. After months of hard work, the Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Program is finally here!

We are often asked the question What does a Startupbootcamp accelerator program looks like. In a series of blog-posts containing weekly recap videos, we will show you around the office so you can get an insider’s look at the real Startupbootcamp experience.


The first week of the program kicked off with one goal; to challenge our startups to validate their business model, value proposition and growth potential extensively. A two-day workshop by the Business Director of Business Models Inc., Maaike Doyer, run the teams through all the ins & outs of the Business Model Canvas and helped them structure their business model and to gain practical tips on their customer development strategy. Amazingly, some of the teams managed to come up with up to twenty different business models during this workshop.

Halfway through the week, the first event of the Program, “Mentors Meet Startups” took place with the startups pitching for the first time in front of a full-house of business and industry experts. Over the first month of each SBC program, we bring our startups in contact with all the relevant and experienced people within our network that can help them with the challenges they are facing or are experienced in fields that the startups lack expertise in. This event was a great opportunity for mentors and startups to mingle and discover possible points for collaboration to bring the startups’ businesses to the next level.

Then, it was time for the “Lean Jesus” Kees van Nunen to take over and introduce the teams to the Lean Startup Methodology. Over another two-day workshop, the teams got to understand the importance of developing a lean culture within their startup and received precious guidance on the how-to shorten their product development cycles. Through business-hypothesis-driven experimentation and iterative product releases, they can reduce their market risk and free themselves from the need of large amounts of initial project funding.

Coming up next, a week full of intense mentor-matching sessions and workshops. Stay tuned and get the first scoops by following us on Twitter and Instagram.