13-Oct-2014 by Startupbootcamp

SocialExpress™ – Real-time social media reporting for corporate managers.

Ivo Minjauw, is the CEO of SocialExpress. Their team originally came from Belgium but now have their headquarters in the west of Amsterdam.

Ivo Minjauw at Demo Day 2012

Ivo is clear about the value of acceleration. “Startupbootcamp is the perfect place to validate and tweak your idea to grow it to a potential million dollar business. Before you even think about applying, you have to be totally honest with yourself. You must be committed 24/7 to building a business. And I mean really committed. If your business is only a vague idea or direction – and you’re the only person with those thoughts scribbled on the back of a beermat – you’re not ready. Why? Because you’re idea is going to tested like never before. Regardless of whether you get into that particular program, you need to be able to explain to anyone how and why your company will succeed. If you have even a shadow of doubt, the mentors and investors will find it.”

Ivo has written several blogposts about his experiences in Amsterdam from which we extracted the quote above. You can find more in this excellent insight into what startups for 2013 should consider before even dreaming of sending in an application.