Green Earth Aerogels

Green Earth Aerogels

13-Oct-2014 by Startupbootcamp

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Aerogels have extremely low thermal conductivity making them well suited as isolation materials. Aerogels are also extremely light and strong.

Breakthrough innovation

Green Earth Aerogels makes premium aerogel products available to segments that are currently served by other, less costly insulation materials. With rice waste and husks as its main ingredients, GEATs aerogels are the most environmentally friendly aerogels currently available at its price point.

Current Situation

Green Earth Aerogels is currently working on the approval of its products with major fortune 500 companies (OEMs) so that the aerogels will be incorporated in the assembly and construction of new products.

Green Earth Aerogels moving forward

Green Earth Aerogels has the ambition to become the world’s best and most environmentally friendly aerogel producer.


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