13-Oct-2014 by Startupbootcamp

We create computer games, in which the player controls his own body movements. He or she sees themselves on the TV screen or monitor. The games encourage people to make moves that are designed to strengthening different muscle groups. We use the web camera and the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Our company is business-to-business, addressing the very specific needs of the healthcare industry: hospitals, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy practices.

We’re getting excellent feedback and positive reports from the professionals. Doctor Kinetic is a revolution in this sector: changing boring exercises into an interactive experience which is both motivating and fun! Patients forget about their problems and concentrate on playing games! Software drives the therapy session, which relieves the therapists from the everyday, monotonous operations. It allows them to take on more patients if they want!

Andrzej Olszewski is the co-founder of Doctor Kinetic. He and his team drove from Poland to be part of Startupbootcamp in 2012.

Andrzej Olszewski (centre) is the CEO with a Licence to Heal

“It was made very clear to us at the start that this is an accelerator programme, not an incubator. There have been many schemes in the past where start-ups have got cheap office accommodation for a short period so they can try out their idea. But this is very different. This is an organised programme with a clear deadline. If you’re selected, then Statupbootcamp actually takes a 8% equity stake in each of the ten companies. We got a small amount of seed capital, enough to pay living expenses in Amsterdam for a few months. Our terrific office facility is offered for free for six months as part of the deal. That means we can really focus on our objective – to take our idea from first class to world class in 90 days. I like the serious business climate in Amsterdam. People are forthright, they say what they mean. ”

“Perhaps the most important value of the programme is the fact that we get access to more than 150 local and international mentors who work with us on our projects. There are similar SBC schemes in Dublin, Berlin, and Copenhagen in addition to Amsterdam. We can tap into those mentors too if needed. Once we got through the selection process, these people turn from judges into coaches. The quality of the support is unbelievable and in fact it’s the only way to accelerate this fast. You learn very quickly that you have to test the market for your idea. It is quite often the case that a company realizes their idea does not match what the market needs and so you have to “pivot”. That means rethinking the approach, sometimes going back to basics. But the brainstorming sessions are magic.”

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