The Class of E- & Mcommerce 2014

The Class of E- & Mcommerce 2014

11-Sep-2014 by Patrick de Zeeuw

Startupbootcamp is excited to announce the participants of its 2014 E- & Mcommerce Program. On the 9th and 10th of September, 17 teams selected from over 300 applications worldwide, gathered to the Startupbootcamp HQ in Amsterdam, ready to conquer a place in the program. We believe that the 10 teams that made it through the 6 month rigorous selection process have what it takes to succeed in the fast growing E- & M Commerce industry. The startups start their acceleration on October 13th.

17 Ecommerce startups, over 100+ mentors, 2 days. During the intensive two-day event, the finalists had the chance to pitch more than 20 times to relevant and experienced people in the industry during 16 different mentor sessions. More than that, the event included a part of 60-seconds pitches and the Final 3-minute pitching round.

The team constitution and skills, the product and technology, the market potential and scalability, were the main factors on which we based our final decision for the 10 teams that will participate in the amazing 3-month roller-coaster that is Startupbootcamp.

We are very proud to announce the Startupbootcamp E- & Mcommerce Class of 2014!

Eccentrade (Netherlands) is the first online information platform designed to provide complete transparencey into overseas suppliers on the clean Tech and high-tech segment.

Joopp (Netherlands) is the easiest and fastest website builder. (Netherlands) is a next-generation, entreprise-level Ecommerce platform that completely rethinks time-to-market, usability and technical complexity.

Printr (Netherlands) is a startup that is building tools to make it possible for anyone to get creative with 3D printers without any technical limitations.

Quiver (Netherlands) brings you Smart Files, which allows you to embed and share your files with features such as GPS, Timebox, Download, Print and Print screen protection. (Israel) adds relevant data to your video content. This unique solution links video content providers, advertisers and users.

Saddl (Netherlands) gets your suits picked up, dry-cleaned and delivered at the time and location of your choice.

STARTMONDAY (Germany) is a mobile and web app where job seekers send a short video to employers instead of just a CV.

Tom Kabinet (Netherlands) is the Ebay of second-hand e-books.

Yippie (Netherlands) helps people shop smarter. We show you where a product is on sale. Seamlessly integrated, completely personalised and instant.

Patrick de Zeeuw

Patrick is a Co-founder of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam and board member of Startupbootcamp Global. He is an active angel investor, building media, online and mobile companies. Patrick was the former CEO of Endemol Belgium & Poland, the Founder of 3Circles Media, CCO of SBSnet, and MD of United Broadcast Facilities International and Unitedesign. He coaches Start-ups in the online & mobile industry and sits at the advisory Board at Netgamix & Mobitto.