Meet the Entrepreneurs in Residence – Berlin 2014

Meet the Entrepreneurs in Residence – Berlin 2014

18-Aug-2014 by Startupbootcamp

You’ve met our Smart Transportation & Energy teams…now meet our team of brilliant Entrepreneurs in Residence who play an integral role in helping our startups acheive success! They come from all different backgrounds and countries, and are all here to share their expertise and accelerate the Startupbootcamp Berlin class of 2014!

Patrik Winkler

Biz Dev

Born and raised in Nuremberg. Even though, I studied in Nuremberg as well, I tried to spent as less time there as possible.

Exchange semester in Australia and different internships in Berlin (mobile agency, VC). Other experiences were interning at consulting firm and working on a mobile crowdsourcing app for mini tasks.

Besides the educational and professional path I joined a student association and was responsible for the consultancy projects and events. Last year, inspired by the TEDx Talk of Cindy Chang, I organized two “Before I Die Walls” in my hometown.

After graduation last October, most of my time was spent on traveling (Scandinavia and South East Asia) while doing remote freelance work. I joined SBC in May and decided to stick around for a little longer, since it just makes fun and the people involved turn it into a great experience.

I’m pretty awesome at:

– Business Development, Sales
– Having the customer and his needs in mind
– Fundraising
– Asking goal-orientated questions
– Project management and communication

I really enjoy:

– Discussing ideas and business opportunities
– Starting things and seeing the first results after working your ass off as a team
– Spending time on things that matter
– Helping people making a step forward/solve problems and create experiences

Sebastian Dehling

Biz Dev

I’m Sebastian born and raised on a farm in the Ruhr area in Germany. I am a trained mechanic and industrial engineer and later graduated in business innovation and entrepreneurship studies.

I worked in R&D departments, government organizations, an Internet of Things startup and an Innovation and Design consultancy across a range of functions such as strategy, business development, business modeling, service design, customer research, operations, marketing and fundraising.

Lately I organised the Global Service Jam in Barcelona, several IoT Labs in Spain and the US and did research and consulting for big corporates and startups in Data, IoT, FinTech, Hardware and social business.

I got introduced to Startupbootcamp in Barcelona helping the founders to set up a new franchise focusing on Data and IoT. Further I did participate at FinTech Hackathon at SBC London (Winning Team) and mentor at various events SBC Pitch Day, Startup Weekend, BBVA Open Talent and Climate-KIC. I love to surround myself with people smarter than me to learn and help them achieving great things.

I’m pretty awesome at:

– Listen and improvise, figure stuff out and get stuff done (as good as it needs to be not how it possibly could be)
– Business Analysis and Research
– Business Modeling and Service Design focusing on people-centred and networked business models
– Business Development – Identifying and introducing targets
– Marketing (writing creative copy + concept/strategy)

I really enjoy:

– Creative conception and analytical destruction
– Working on concepts with a physical and digital part
– Testing products and services, beat the crap out of it and help to design it better.
– Play, play, play and do stupid things along inspiring people to fail, learn and repeat

Jens Hartwig

Programmer / Biz Dev

I was born and raised in the Rhein-Main area in Germany. Started working in the IT sector when I was 14 and did mostly freelancing jobs until I started my Bachelor in Information Systems and joined an IT & business consultancy in financial services.

Exploring my inner hustler, I also joined a student-led consultancy while doing my master’s degree and did several projects in business model innovation.

Recently, I researched executives support by IT, published the findings and based on that developed a BI frontend for the boards of directors for several DAX companies.

I am really looking forward to build some awesome companies with you!

I’m pretty awesome at:

– Identifying opportunities and creating ideas and business models
– Structuring complex situations and deduce effective solutions
– Understanding customer’s needs and asking the right questions
– Building software the agile way
– Designing efficient and effective software architectures

I really enjoy:

– Brainstorming and discussing ideas and business models
– Learning and trying new products/services/technologies
– Convincing people through facts and knowledge
– Connecting people
– Being busy

Lorenzo Sinisi


I’m a Italian web entrepreneur. At the age of 14 I started learning Software Development and I studied economics & have a Master in “Digital Economics and Entrepreneurship“

After my 2nd year at university I moved to Venice for one year and co-founded the startup project Wote! in H-Farm (a Venture Incubator in Venice, Italy), I’ve contributed to the creation of the startup Pathflow during a Master I followed at “Digital Accademia” and I’ve been Software Consultant for several years learning a lot of (15) web programming languages because I love to code and I love the startup world.

During last year of university (economics) and work I created a social experiment startup called “Smell” to lets people share anonymous geolocated messages with over 5000 download and 2000 active users in less than 2 month thanks to many papers, radio and TVs (in Italy).

I love working with ideas & code and shaping that ideas into business that works. I’m really proud and excited to be with you all at Startupbootcamp in Berlin and I think we can share great experiences and skills.

I’m pretty awesome at:

– Web software development
– Solving startup business problems
– Creating strategies to win “the game”

I really enjoy:

– Finding ways to communicate with developers
– Social experiments & tech innovation
– Thinking about what is really important and having clear what is not
– Helping startups to make money

Julie Silverman


UX designer-at-large between San Francisco and Berlin.

I could never choose between being a techy geek or a creative artist. My background is in digital visual design and communication. I started working as an analyst with a bunch of developers and mathematicians where I wrangled data and coded badly for a big financial corporation. Then I turned into a digital agency brat, designing websites and applications for consumer and enterprise markets.

These days, I collaborate on design and product strategy, conduct research, create interaction and mental models, author specs, and ship tight solutions.

Current fascinations include responsive spaces, digital experiences on very small and very large screens (I love my Nike Fuelband and dream about smart tweeting refrigerators), and the creative process in business.

I’m pretty awesome at:

– User-Centered Design & MVP Strategy
– Experience & Brand Story
– Critique & Workshop Facilitation

– Wireframes/Screenflows/Clickthroughs (Interaction Design)
– User story writing
– Information Visualization & Visual Hierarchy
– Guerilla User Testing & Validation

I really enjoy:

– Playing games and experiments for creativity and teambuilding
– Thinking about the end of glass interfaces
– Having an opinion on everything
– Learning from people way smarter than me

You should know about me that: I’m a total foodie snob and can talk about Marvel comic books endlessly. I have an unhealthy attachment to anything square-shaped and really suck at logos and icons.

Martin Holzmeister


Designer between São Paulo and Rio.

Graphic Design is my base ground, I graduated in Rio in 2005. With time I started working also with video editing and motion graphics.

During my stay in Amsterdam from 2006 to 2011 I had the chance to dive into one of the most traditional graphic design cultures in Europe, which not only enriched my view on design but also changed my working methodology. There I worked from a branding/marketing agency to cultural production companies with a variety of different services.

Amsterdam also opened up as place with many platforms gathering and executing projects that would fusion arts, media, electronics among others, bringing intriguing questions about society, arts and digital age. Immersed on this very prolific environment I started to get involved in more hybrid projects that would incorporate basics of graphic design and apply it into spheres of video projection, installations, interactive interfaces.

Since 2011 I have been working rwith diverse projects between Rio and São Paulo, they say land of opportunity, some way it is. But despite the economic boom of Brazil there are many issues holding back the real potential of its people, industry and business. After three years back “home” I acknowledge it and I have no remorse on moving foward to more fertile and dynamic lands in order to learn and develop more, and who knows help to insert 000 new dynamics in Brazil.

I’m pretty awesome at:

– Composition
– Video
– Projection
– Brainstorming

I really enjoy:

– Imagining the future
– Giving an outsider point of view on projects
– To work on an organized settup
– Helping to organize 😉

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