In memoriam Mark Harrison

In memoriam Mark Harrison

24-Aug-2014 by Marc Wesselink

It’s with great sadness that we share with you that Mark Harrison, co-founder of Startupbootcamp alumnus 7Write and beloved mentor of several of our programs has passed away yesterday morning after a brain stroke and subsequent complications.

Mark walked into our lives on a sunny day in spring 2013, wearing his sandals with socks and a smile on his face which never seemed to fade. Together with the 7Write team he had flown almost 15,000 kilometers to chase his dreams, here with us in Amsterdam. We got to know Mark as a dedicated entrepreneur and a true friend.

Even after 7Write had left the office, Mark regularly visited us as one of our most loved mentors, to catch up or to get a drink at Hanneke’s Boom with the new startups.

We will never forget the twinkle in his eyes, that hinted that his boyish enthusiasm was never far away. Always willing to help those that got stuck in business or life and someone we could always count on.

We will miss him with all our hearts and still can’t fully understand what has happened. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Hans Koning, mentor and friend of Mark’s, has created a tribute page for Mark on the web:

Please share this message with all whose lives you know were touched by Mark.

“Mark , it’s hard to believe what happened…what can I were an amazing personality with a very big & warm heart. See you on the other side.” – Patrick

“First I’d like to express my sincere condolences to Mark’s loved ones. It’s unbelievable that he’s not with us anymore. I remember one of the most dedicated entrepreneurs I’ve ever met at Startupbootcamp. A great guy who shared my passion for electronic music. I’m grateful I’ve met Mark and I’ll never forget him.” – Ruud

“Thanks Mark for all the talks & beers we had with each other. We have both learned a lot along the way. I am sad you can’t execute it but I will try to help keeping your dream alive!” – Marc

Wednesday, August 27 at 18:30h we will gather on the bridge to Hanneke’s Boom to pay our last respects to Mark. We welcome everybody and ask you to bring a white flower, as a symbol of the blossoming of Marks life that was so suddenly taken away from him. We will then share a drink in Hanneke’s Boom to celebrate his life.

Marc Wesselink