Gearing up for Demo Day: SBC Berlin partners with API startup 3scale

Gearing up for Demo Day: SBC Berlin partners with API startup 3scale

28-Aug-2014 by Startupbootcamp
Demo Day is still a few months away, but we are excited to already announce 3scale as our official event API Partner. 3scale will not only be a sponsor of Demo Day, but will also hang around to speak with transportation and energy startups about their API strategies and needs. Startupbootcamp previously collaborated with 3scale for our Transportation & Energy Hackathon and are stoked to be working together again!
Find out more about 3scale from API Market Development Director, Manfred Bortenschlager:

3scale is a startup and we are in the business of managing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We make it very easy for organisations to expose data or services via APIs in a controlled and managed way. Our API Management solution allows control over essential features such as API usage policies, rate limiting, access control and security, analytics and reporting, API documentation, developer portals, and monetization and billing.

In particular, 3scale experienced a strong growth rate in the Transportation, Logistics, and Energy sector. Our customers include SITA, Transport for London, Flightstats, transport API, Transpo, Cabforce, TransiCast, or tripspot. We are strengthening our API thought leadership position through various publications (see latest publications) and are working more intensely with the sector through various marketing- and developer outreach activities such as the Smart Transportation and Energy hackathon with the Startupbootcamp.

We are very happy to advise the startups of the Startupbootcamp in all sorts of questions related to APIs: design, technologies, strategy, marketing, adoption, or exploitation. 3scale operates on a freemium model, and we provide a discount to the startups of the Startupbootcamp.
In addition to supplying API Management solutions for API providers, 3scale does a lot to develop and grow the API market itself. The figure below summarises the main activities. The second column describes our activities to support the consumer side of API Management: APITools. In other words that is a tool for developers to help them stay on top of the various API integrations from different API providers. This tool makes managing API keys easier or helps monitoring API performance in real-time – all in one place. Finally, API requests and responses can be intercepted and modified directly. That can be very handy if a response should be optimized; or simply for caching.

The third column is about market education and evolution. 3scale organizes and runs the largest vendor-independent conference about API Strategy and Practice to discuss best practices, share lessons-learned and eventually advance the whole API space. We maintain the APICodex — a repository of technical articles about APIs (mostly about design, implementation and technology).
We contribute substantially to open API specification and data models such as API Commons. Finally, we developed the open-source API Search Engine with which we want to tackle one of the core challenges of the API market: promoting APIs to increase adoption (for API providers) and finding relevant APIs (for API consumers = developer).
We are very excited about this collaboration with the Startupbootcamp because we are convinced that SBC is a superb program and that Transportation and Energy is a great sector with exciting challenges to be tackled by startups. We look forward to getting in touch with the various startups more in-depth and hope that we can contribute to your successful acceleration.

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