Alumni Liquid State won a top honour at Talent Unleashed

Alumni Liquid State won a top honour at Talent Unleashed

07-Aug-2014 by PhilipAndrews

Talent Unleashed is an event for recognising and rewarding great tech talent in the Asia Pacific region. Startupbootcamp Berlin alumni 2012, Liquid State, took out the Digital Content Award for their intelligent communications platform. The awards were judged by experienced entrepreneurs including Richard Branson and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. As a prize, Liquid State’s co-founder and CEO, Philip Andrews, gets to travel to the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship and receive mentoring from Branson himself.

Since Liquid State‘s win at Talent Unleashed last week, there’s been a lot of celebrating around the office. In amongst all that, I think it’s also worth taking the time to reflect on what we’ve achieved and where we’re headed.
Looking back, Liquid State’s journey to winning at Talent Unleashed has been a series of unexpected events, culminating in the most unexpected of all: the win itself. I was truly taken by surprise to hear that we had been chosen as the best Digital Content platform.

Don’t misunderstand: it’s not that I don’t believe in the company. Liquid State is at the forefront of a revolution in intelligent communications and I’m excited about what we’re doing. It’s more that we’re not the next Facebook, or the next Uber. We’re not a couple of wide-eyed young techies building a black box in our backyard. We didn’t set out to overhaul the way you live your life. In other words, we’re not the kind of company that usually wins awards.

What Liquid State does is clear: powering communications which combine the ubiquity of print with the intelligence of digital. We’re making it easier than ever to manage, track, and publish documents publicly or privately. We have a lot of experience behind us in all the right industries. We’ve made our platform accessible for individuals, and we’ve worked closely with some large companies to ensure our solution meets the needs of enterprises.

I don’t think Steve Wozniak could have summed us up any better when he described Liquid State as “a clean concise story of how entrepreneurship and societal advancement can happen by applying modern technology.” He’s right – it is a clean and concise story. But it doesn’t have much drama or the kind of hook that grabs attention and wins awards.

That’s why I was surprised and humbled that Liquid State won the Digital Content Award. To have such an impressive panel of judges looking at and evaluating our company is a victory in itself. More than that, the fact that international entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak singled out Liquid State shows that having a straightforward approach and a simple story is valuable. They recognised and validated the substance of Liquid State and the strength of our purpose.
There’s an important lesson in this: many of the key components of your business are ‘under the hood’ and aren’t immediately obvious to an outsider. Things like your business plan, industry experience, and customer profiles may not be the stuff of Hollywood screenplays, but they will make a big difference to how successful your business is. Put like that, it sounds obvious, but it’s a truth that’s easy to lose sight of. For me personally, the award has been a reminder of our strengths as a company.
Ultimately, the award has given us all an added confidence and inspired us to do something I didn’t think was possible – work even harder!