Introducing the Startupbootcamp Berlin Smart Transportation & Energy Class of 2014

Introducing the Startupbootcamp Berlin Smart Transportation & Energy Class of 2014

08-Jul-2014 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Berlin invited the top Smart Transportation & Energy startups from around the world to participate in Selection Days at the Rainmaking Loft Berlin. Congrats to the final teams and we look forward to working with you in August!

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The Startupbootcamp Berlin Class of 2014:

CoModule (Prismattery)

Prismattery is a B2B electric vehicle data monitoring platform that combines hardware and software.

There are about 40 million e-bikes, 14 million e-scooters and 80 thousand e-boats sold annually in the World. Many of the producers are SMEs who do not have own resources to develop electric vehicle data monitoring technology.

Kristjan Maruste, Mechatronics Engineer:
MSc Mechatronics, Manager of FS Team Tallinn, Mech Engineer at Tallinn Uni of Tech, founder of Liteplus

Welix Klaas, Business Developer:
BA Economics, MSc Industrial Engineering & Mgmt, Assurance Consultant at Ernst&Young, Business Dev. Manager at Ehvert Mission Critical

Kaarel Mäearu, Electronics & Software Engineer:
BSc Electronics, MSc Computer & Systems Engineering, Lab Engineer at Stoneridge Electronics, Electronics Engineer at FS Team Tallinn

Heigo Verik, Application & Software Engineer:
BSc Thermal Engineering, Android Developer at Mobilab


Counterest is the Google Analytics for the physical world.

Interest for data and analytics is growing every day. Experts foresee a $3 Billion market for the in-store analytics tech by 2018.

Oriol Tort, CEO:
Industrial Engineer with an MBA and broad experience in strategy consulting and dotcoms

Caterina Font, CMO
Economist with a masters in Business Innovation with broad experience both in consulting and in new businesses

Arturo Bonnín, CTO
Telecom Engineer with a masters in Computer Vision and experience in R&D and people tracking systems

Ricard Borràs, CPO
Software Engineer with a masters in Computer Vision and a broad experience in people tracking systems and in product development


Einfach-machen-lassen enables eCommerce companies to offer their customers installation services at home.

The DIY market is big. The Don’t DIY market is even bigger. But most people don’t want to or cannot do it themselves. The B2C service sector is largely underdeveloped and fragmented.

Alexander Keck, CEO:
Master in Mechanical Engineering and Management, 3yrs demand manager at Procter & Gamble

Volker Rantz, CPO:
Service Expert, 15 yrs experience on technical services B2B and B2C

Marcus Smolarek, CTO:
Expert for web applications after leading a web agency for more than 5yrs


A cloud based fleet management and enhanced passenger information system for public transportation.

myBus operates in three different markets:
1. Smart mobility in Public Transport
2. LBS: Location based services on the screens we install onboard the vehicles
3. App: With our smartphone app for public transportation, (e.g. “Santvibus” on the play store.

Malte Metzing, CEO:
Master of Science (TU-Berlin), Experience prior to myBus: Accenture and SEAT, SA (Volkswagen Group), Founder of myBus.

David Salinas, CTO:
Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering & Management (MASTEAM, UPC-Barcelona) Experience prior to myBus: Accenture Spain and SEAT, SA (Volkswagen Group), Founder of myBus: Telefónica R+D, Hewlett-Packard, Barcelona, Co-Founder of myBus.

Phaide Limited (Housahedron)

A house monitoring kit consisting of a series of environmental recording sensors and a processing system.


The most immediate market is the UK home improvements scheme, known as the Green Deal, which enables homeowners to make efficiency adjustments to their houses. According to a report in Architects’ Journal (March, 2010), which announced a major initiative to reduce domestic carbon emissions in the UK, this market could potentially be 25 million homes.

James Pulver, Director:
Msc in Environmental building consultant and 3d digital designer Liverpool, UK

John Donovan, Director:
Geospatial technologist and previous games developer with Sony Incorporated Liverpool, UK


A web application that simplifies the organisation and management of community solar installations.

We estimate that there are a total of 5000 community solar installations with a combined capacity of 1 Gigawatt (GW) in Germany. For Germany these numbers translate into a current market potential of 10 million Euro per year. A survey of German rooftops estimates the long-term total solar potential at 500 GW nationwide (to date 36GW have been build). This translates into a long-term annual market potential of 1.25 billion Euro.

Stefan Thon, Co-founder product:
Graduated in Design form FH Potsdam, worked for 4 years in R&D at Intel’s Healthcare devision

Marco Peise, Co-founder technology:
Graduated in business administration and computer science form the University of Rostock, worked for 5 years at IBM as software developer/consultant

(previously TevelOne)


TevelOne creates a new revenue stream for businesses with captive audiences. It provides a new content layer on any website or device via WiFi networks.

Today, public transportation companies are expected to provide Wi-Fi services, which comes with high costs. For example, EuroStar installs on-board Wi-Fi as part of £700 overhaul investment. According to Eurorail magazine, more than 20% of the passengers plan to use free Wi-Fi on board. Arriva transport services delivers 2.2 billion passenger journeys annually, we believe that we could target at least 440 million passengers in Arriva alone. this is an ever growing market, with many potential beneficiaries.

Gal Bareket, CEO:
Previously worked in several management positions for various NGO’s, a social entrepreneur and as a legal consultant to an Israeli parliament party

Guy Laybovitz, CTO:
Senior computer engineer and has vast experience bringing ideas from board sketches to industry grade products. He previously worked as a consultant to ThetaRay, Verint, CalrityRay and various other High-Tech companies

Beliaa (Founder in Residence)

A mobile service that provides for smaller damage and accidents between drivers and nearby garage.

Amgad Morgan

Selection Days highlights

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