10 reasons why you should accelerate in Amsterdam if you are an Ecommerce startup

10 reasons why you should accelerate in Amsterdam if you are an Ecommerce startup

15-Jul-2014 by MarcWesselink

Amsterdam is the only branch of Startupbootcamp running two programs annually. Even more, starting in fall 2014, the plan is to grow into three accelerators per year with two vertical and one horizontal focused program. During the first vertical program of 2014 we will focus on startups that will disrupt the ever-growing E- & Mcommerce industry.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Ad & Marketing Tech (Marketing automation, Dynamic pricing)

  • Mobile 1st (Mobile advertising, Location based targeting, Targeting wearable devices)

  • Payment solutions (NFC, Wallets, Mobile payments)

  • Omni channel (Connecting online – offline, Retail – etail, Multi channel)

  • Marketing (Affiliate, Next generation AMT, Media, Content marketing, UX)

  • E- & Mcommerce platforms (B2C, B2B, B2B2C)

  • Logistics (Packaging, Fulfillment & Delivery)

  • Data & CRM (Analytics, Research, Reporting, Aggregation, Personalized experiences, Cookies)

  • Commerce Solutions (Software solution, M-Shops, Comparison, Platforms)

  • Social shopping (Digital relationships, Automated personalization, Social Ads)

  • Security (Cyber crime, Spam, Attacks)

  • Authentication (Biometric, Card, Wearables, Devices)

  • Contactless Interactions (iBeacon, NFC)

Our last vertical program in Amsterdam, the Startupbootcamp NFC & Contactless Program, makes us believe we can bring more innovation to the Ecommerce sector by accelerating companies and helping them optimize their technology functions to deliver added value to their clients. Co-founder and CEO of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, Patrick de Zeeuw explains his focus on vertical acceleration programs in the following video.

After three years of accelerating startups, we now know location is vital to accelerate a tech company properly. We had several reasons to choose the Netherlands in general and Amsterdam in particular for our accelerator program.

1. We have the highest % of English speaking people in non-UK speaking countries.

EnglishSpeaking Countries.jpgPhoto Source: http://jakubmarian.com/

2. Startup Genome recently declared Amsterdam as one of the best places for startups worldwide. The great number of leading E- & Mcommerce businesses founded in Amsterdam brings a remarkable community of industry experts who are ready to share their experience and know-how with the next generation of E- & Mcommerce startups. In his article in Holland Herald, Mike Lee states it clearly; if you want to make apps, go to Amsterdam. He estimated that about 200 app developers from all over the world have moved to Amsterdam.

3. The Netherlands is in the top-10 countries with the highest and fastest mobile internet penetration in the world and exhibits excellent digital infrastructure, setting the Dutch ground as particularly fertile for entreprenerial endeavors.

4. We are one of the world’s favourite test markets because of our market size of 17 mln people living in 42k KM m2, 406 people per m2.

5. The international and tolerant flair of the city of Amsterdam attracts a huge number of international students and expats. Rotterdam and other Dutch cities are well-known technology innovation centers whereas, in 2011, the Intelligent Community Forum stated Eindhoven as the smartest region worldwide.

6. The direct flight connections to all the major cities in Asia, Europe and US and the tax regulations make the Netherlands even more appealing to internationals.

7. Startupbootcamp Amsterdam has a 95% funding rate with an average of € 451.115 per startup.

8. Our partners’ list consists of major industry players such as Vodafone, Mastercard, PwC, Sundio Group, Rabobank while we are supported by a priceless global force of mentors and experts.

9. Since a ship is nothing without a captain, we have a team of three serial entrepreneurs leading the program. Patrick de Zeeuw, Ruud Hendriks and Marc Wesselink have all felt the same emotions as the startup founders in our acceleration programs. They know the pain and the struggles; and they are here to help the next generation pass through them. The program itself is lead by seasoned E- & Mcommerce veteran from the Sundio Group Jonas de Groot who will help you to find a clear product/market fit throughout the program.

10. Last but not least, we are part of the broader Startupbootcamp network, winner of the The Europas Best Accelerator Award of 2014.