Demo Day Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014 lives up to the title “best accelerator of Europe”

Demo Day Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014 lives up to the title “best accelerator of Europe”


Demo Day Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014 lives up to the title “best accelerator of Europe”

Keynote of Paralympic gold medal winner Bibian Mentel summarizes ´Keep on Going & Never Give Up ´ perfectly

Amsterdam, 25th of June 2014 – Startupbootcamp, that recently won the title “best accelerator of Europe” at The Europas, has completed its three-month ‘mentor-driven’ program with a spectacular Demo Day. Eleven startups from five different countries have given inspiring pitches and presented their innovative products, services and strong teams to around 300 investors.

The startups that were on stage today have seen their company grow extremely in the last three months and were able to present numerous exceptional performances. A short overview of the achievements from the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014 participants.

  • Undagrid (Netherlands) introduced the next revolution in wireless technology for “the Internet of Things”. Undagrid did a successful pilot during the Startupbootcamp program at Schiphol and managed to close a deal worth millions with their solution.
  • Formtaste Innovations (Slovenia) is the developer and producer of the multipurpose kiosk called PRINTIE. Recently Formtaste closed an agreement for 700 PRINTIE machines for the amount of € 5.000.000. The next product innovation from Formtaste is the development of the 3D PRINTIE.
  • TripRebel (Germany) makes hotel booking simple & smart, saving you 20% of hotel costs and more than 4 hours of searching time. TripRebel has generated a revenue of €35.000 in the last few weeks without any marketing. Triprebel was recently featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as a promising newcomer in the travel domain.
  • Iristrace (Spain) offers a personalized checklist for quality managers and controllers in every industry. Iristrace managed in the time frame of 8 weeks to convince big parties such as KLM and Ahold that their SAAS solution is an added value to their quality and control checks.
  • Signaturit (Spain) makes it possible to sign contracts from your mobile device, without using an application. Signaturit closed multiple deals before Demo Day with for example one of the largest Spanish Media companies PRISA and Smit&Dorlas from the Netherlands, and saw the number of signed documents through their platform grow in the last weeks with more than 500 %.
  • Ukky (Netherlands) gives parents the possibility to automatically turn photos, videos and notes into short stories about their children growing up, and to translate those with a single click to printed photo books.
  • Wagaduu! (Argentina) is shaping the future of race experience for runners worldwide with a unique solution where you can find running events and save all your official race results and medals. Since they re-launched they have been growing more than 12% weekly.
  • Procwise (Netherlands/Israeli) is focusing on the trend of on demand education, and therefore on demand exams and certifications. They make safe, secure online exams possible at your home/office at any time. Procwise has recently signed contracts with multiple higher education institutions and several commercial organizations throughout Europe.
  • SendCloud (Netherlands) is a cloud-based platform that simplifies the shipping process of webshops and gives ecommerce companies a substantial decrease in costs. The revenue of SendCloud, without any active marketing, grows 6 % every week. The previous month their revenue was over €100.000.
  • Leapfunder (Netherlands) is the Network Funding platform for new and existing startups and informal investors, through which investments are made with Convertible Notes. One of the three Co-Founders is Merien ten Houten, founder of and Leapfunder so far has focused on financing for startups but is also moving towards later stage companies.
  • Giaura (Netherlands) is the first company on earth that turns CO2 from a waste stream into a profit stream. Today the space engineers have shown their first product to the public, which can be used in a variety of industries. Giaura at the moment is in negotiations with multi nationals in the “air purification and consumer” industry to integrate their patented technology in revolutionary products.

Patrick de Zeeuw states about this edition of Startupbootcamp that: ”Again with each program I think ‘this is the best edition so far’. And I am not the only one that thinks this way; our investors, partners and mentors confirm that the participating startups get stronger every year. Now that we organize 8 programs in 7 different countries, we learn even faster, the Startupbootcamp brand gets stronger and the format is optimized continuously. This learning effect means we attract the best startups, mentors and partners in the world. According to me we have reached a new milestone and raised the bar yet again with this Demo Day.”

Keynote speaker and gold medal winner during the Paralympic Winter Olympics, Bibian Mentel, told her inspiring story about the similarities between top sport and entrepreneurship. She mentioned how perseverance and focus on your end goal are essential in both cases: “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” and “its all about mentality” on the way to the end goal, according to Bibian Mentel, who refers to her Mentelity Foundation.

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