Smart Transportation & Energy Hackathon 2014

Smart Transportation & Energy Hackathon 2014

20-Jun-2014 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp Berlin’s first Hackathon was a huge success with over 11 teams working all weekend on transportation and energy projects. It’s quite impressive what you can accomplish within 48 hours! Additionally, we hosted over 30 more guests for the team pitches on Sunday where the prizes were announced. The hackathon worked perfectly as a plattform for connecting with people, working together with partners and getting inspired by new ideas.

A big congrats to the winning teams!

1st place: Arndt
Building Management companies of residential and mixed-use high rises have solar panel arrays installed on their roofs in order to give electricity back to the grid and minimise electricity bills. Not being domain experts, they lease the panels from a 3rd party service provider that installs, monitors, and fixes them when they break down. We are that 3rd party; we are Arndt.

2nd place: ClownCar
ClownCar is a ride sharing app for events. We match attendees in the groups, so that they can easily see who else is going similar way. “

3rd place: TrackYourEnergy
Motivate socially desirable behaviour through extrinsic (money) and intrinsic (gamification and visibility of actual energy consumption) motivation using real time data (energy price and energy mix).

Audience Prize: Mustache Biker
Data intelligence solution for bikers.

Check out some photos and numbers we crunched from the weekend:

Hackathon 2014 – Smart Transportation & Energy from StartupbootcampTV on Vimeo.

A special thanks to all our partners that made this event possible!

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