‘Never give up’ theme Demo Day Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014

‘Never give up’ theme Demo Day Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014


Never give up’ theme Demo Day Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014

‘Gold medallist Bibian Mentel gives keynote about sport mentality and entrepreneurship’

Amsterdam, June 2nd 2014 – Startupbootcamp Amsterdam is organizing its 4th Demo Day on June 25th at ABN Amro headquarters in Amsterdam. In addition to the pitches of the 11 startups participating in the program, Bibian Mentel, Paralympic athlete and winner of Olympic gold medal in Sochi, will share the ups and downs of her personal life and sporting career and explain what the phrase ‘never give up’ means to her.

Patrick de Zeeuw, co–founder of Global Startupbootcamp and CEO of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam stated: “There are many similarities between top sportsmanship and top entrepreneurship, and in the past 25 years I have experienced both. ‘Never give up’ is one of the most important characteristics of both top entrepreneurs and top athletes. When I decided to use ‘Never give up’ as the general theme during Demo Day, Bibian instantly came to my mind. I have known her for over 20 years and she is the personification of this theme. I am extremely proud and excited that she agreed to share her life changing story at Demo Day.”

Bibian Mentel is a multiple Dutch snowboarding champion. After overcoming cancer several times, she fought to make snowboarding a Paralympic sport at the Winter Games. She succeeded in her goal and won the gold medal this past year in Sochi in the Cross Border section. She also founded the Mentelity Foundation to help disabled children and young adults to get into sports, with a focus on extreme board sports. Mentel recently announced that she wants to defend her title during the next Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

This inspiring athlete will give a keynote, accompanied by pitches from the eleven startups taking part in the program. These are:

  • Undagrid (Netherlands) introduces the next evolution in Wireless Technology empowering the Internet of Things.
  • Formtaste Innovations (Slovenia) is the developer and manufacturer of the multi vending and cloud solution PRINTIE.
  • TripRebel (Germany) is a virtual hotel booking platform, allowing users to save 30 percent of their hotel costs and hours of web browsing.
  • Iristrace (Spain) offers a personalized checklist for auditors, consultants, quality managers, controllers, and others with responsibility for the inspection or control of processes.
  • Signatur.it (Spain) provides a simple and secure way of signing documents with legal validity without installing any additional applications.
  • Ukky (Netherlands) is an application that gives parents the ability to easily process photos, videos and notes into stories about their children in a fast and simple way.
  • Wagaduu! (Argentina) is a fast track for your sporting life. Store your records, find sports events and share them with your friends.
  • Procwise (Netherlands) is responding to the trend of increasing demand for online studies. Procwise makes remote exams possible, anywhere at anytime.
  • SendCloud (Netherlands) is a cloud based system to oversee and simplify shipping for webshops.
  • Leapfunder (Netherlands) is a network funding platform for new and existing companies and investors, using convertible notes. One of the founders is Merien van Houten, founder of Ilse.nl and Nu.nl.
  • Giaura (Netherlands) harnesses our own CO2 emissions and turns them into a profitable resource.

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