Josephine's experience as an Intern at Startupbootcamp FinTech

Josephine's experience as an Intern at Startupbootcamp FinTech

30-Jun-2014 by MarkusGnirck

After 3 amazing month as an Intern at Startupbootcamp FinTech, it is now time for a farewell. It has been a journey of new experiences, and more educational and inspiring than I could ever have imagined.

I got in touch with SBC FinTech, because I was very interested in getting some experience within startups. I am applying for Business Administration & Project Management in Copenhagen, so the internship would be the perfect opportunity to gain some experience in preparations for this.

I was highly grateful to become a part of SBC FinTech Team, and it was with great excitement that I went from Copenhagen to London. I had not got much information, so I arrived with doubtful expectations of what to come. When I entered the Rainmaking Loft, it only took me a minute to feel the dynamic vibe that I believe is a big part of the startup experience, and I felt very welcome.

I have been surprisingly free to choose which projects I wanted to work with, how much time I would like to spend here, and how I would manage my time. It means no specific blueprint of the right way of managing the work, solving the problems etc. This has somehow been quite overwhelming, but I appreciate the independency and feel this has been a worthwhile experience.

I have worked with different operations, e.g. organizing the contact database of SBC FinTech, sending out newsletters and invitations, logistics, and whatever has been needed. My experiences also count several events as Pitch days, MentorClass and Hackathon. Helping organizing and being a part of the events, has been fun and helpful, as it is great to meet all the people of our community.

Additionally, the social experience at Rainmaking Loft is worth mentioning. The Loft reflects the perfect image of how dynamic, broad-minded, at some point messy and inspiring the startup environment is. The SBC FinTech team has been truly amazing. Everyone has been supportive and motivating. We have not only had a great time at work, but also several lunches (Friday Food Market, highly important – not to be missed!), dinners, birthdays, Friday drinks and more. I am leaving with enormous expectations for my future team after this one!SBC FinTech Team

The learning I have gained concerns the quality of a good team, what a good working environment is, how networking is very useful, there is no right and perfect way to do everything, how hard work pays off, and nevertheless the importance of enjoying the journey to success. As an accelerator, we invest in teams, and it makes perfectly sense to me after being a part of this team. We are different, but share many of the same visions, missions and a spirit for SBC FinTech. When I first came on board I certainly did not know much about FinTech. I believe it is still a new term for many. It has amused us to hear the misunderstandings of the term; is it Fine technology? Finnish technology? I have now gained a great knowledge and interest for it, even though it might not be my area of expertise.

All in all has it given me a broad perspective of all the areas a startup has to deal with, even though SBC FinTech is an accelerator for startups, it is also a startup it self.

My next steps are going back to Copenhagen to finish my studies, and hopefully I will keep engaged with the startup community! I am dreaming of starting my own company one day, however it might be within a creative field.

The purpose of my internship was to learn, and I certainly did. My fascination for entrepreneurship has only grown. I have realized that the startup world is a lifestyle, and where I find myself very comfortable. It is surprisingly how much a short-term internship can give you, and I believe that the experiences I have gained at Startupbootcamp have great value for my future projects.

Josephine Feilberg