Smart Transportation & Energy – Call To Action!

Smart Transportation & Energy – Call To Action!

15-Apr-2014 by Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp announced last week a new focus for the 2014 accelerator program: Smart Transportation & Energy – the connected and efficient movement of people and goods.

Let’s Connect!

If you are an entrepreneur in this vertical, we want to talk to you. If your friend is building the next electric rocketship in their parents’ basement, we want to talk to her. If you know someone who knows someone who knows someone, we want to talk to them!

We have carved out time every Friday until applications close to chat with any startup that is interested in or curious about the program. No need to fill out a lengthy application or meet any minimum requirements – just tell us a bit about your startup & your team and we’ll make it a date.

Startupbootcamp Berlin is also hitting the road and holding Pitch Days at a location near you. Check out our Roadshow Calendar and apply to pitch to get invaluable feedback from the Startupbootcamp team and mentors.

Why do we care about Smart Transportation & Energy?

Because you do! With the rise of car-sharing services, smart location-based apps, and energy-efficient products, we know there is an abundance of innovative startups working on awesome things and we want to help get them off the ground.

What areas are we interested in?

We’d like to see startups working on:

  • Smart mobility solutions & services
  • Smart & connected vehicles: individual, shared or public, autonomous/robotics
  • Smart logistics & supply: multimodal transportation enablers & services, robots & drones, efficient city logistics/e-mobility, hyperloop
  • Smart energy: decentral generation & supply, storage, renewables, charging
  • Monitoring & Management: traffic management, supply chain management, energy management, emergency management
  • Smart Signalling & Sensing: sensors, tracking & tracing, mapping
  • Location based services
  • Data collection & analytics as related to the above (“big data”)
  • Data processing & operations as related to the above
  • Data transmission & security as related to the above (“IoT”)
  • Energy efficiency & costs as related to the entire scope (“sustainability”)

You can drop us a line anytime at or tweet at us @sbcBerlin.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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